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Arunachal Student Invents Device for Visually-Impaired

Arunachal Student Invents Device for Visually-Impaired
February 14
17:29 2017

NET Bureau

In a bid to make the life of visually impaired people easy, Anang Tadar—a young boy from Arunachal Pradesh has come out with a innovative device by developing ‘G6B’ (Goggle for Blind), a special kind of wearable glasses made for the visually impaired. Tare is a class 11 student of New Galaxy Academy, Nirjuli in papum Pare district of the state.

Speaking to Northeast Today about this idea initiative, he said “I have developed this on the based on echolocation used by bats.”


Tadar further informed that the device will help the visually impaired people to detect objects in their vicinity without physical contact. “It is an infrared sensor on the centre, which is equipped for safety purposes. The ultrasound sensor fitted in both side of the device detects obstacle on the left and right side of the user,” Tadar mentioned.

Tadar further shared that if the obstacle is in right side, then the motor on the right temple will vibrate and vice-versa, “This device can detect object from a distance of two metres.


It is worth mentioning that Tadar got the idea to develop this device while he was travelling in a car with a visually impaired girl. Tadar has recently received the Dinanath Pandey Smart Idea award for his innovation during an innovation festival held at Regional Science Centre.

Photo Credit Abdul Gani


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