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Assam Govt Planning to Introduce Population Policy

Assam Govt Planning to Introduce Population Policy
December 10
11:42 2016

The Assam government is planning to introduce a population policy for the State in the last part of the forthcoming assembly budget session scheduled to be held in February to March.

Addressing a press conference on Friday, State Finance and Health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said, “Introduction of a new population policy has been under active consideration of the State government for long. A committee has been constituted by the government to prepare draft of the policy.”

Divulging some of the points which may find place in the population policy, Sarma said, “If a person wants to do a job with the Assam government, that person should not have more than two children. When the policy comes into effect, those who are in government jobs and already have two children should not go for a third child. If an employee will have more than two children while on job, that particular employee will lose his or her job. For those who are already in job and have more than two children, the policy will have relaxations for them.”

“In a special case, if third child is born to an employee while on job, he or she will have to take permission from the government,” Sarma said, adding, “we are also planning that if someone wants to fight panchayat elections, he or she (the candidate) shouldn’t have more than two children. We are also planning to introduce chapters on population control and population policy in textbooks from class five in schools.”

The State Finance and Health minister further stated that the government will place the final policy in the State Assembly after receiving the draft policy from the committee constituted by the government.

On the issue of government-run madrassas enjoying their weekly holiday on Friday each week instead of Sunday in Assam, Sarma said the government madrassas in the State will not be allowed to keep their institutions closed on Fridays as it is against government rules. “From now onwards, the government-run madrassas will remain opened on Friday and closed on Sunday. Sunday is the government holiday in the country. From now onwards, if a government madrassa is kept closed on Friday, the headmaster of the institution will be made responsible and subsequently be suspended,” he said, adding, “from next Friday, if a government-run madrassa is found to be closed on that day, action will be taken against that particular madrassa.”

-The Sentinel


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