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Congress, a Sickular Not Secular Party, Alleges Nagaland BJP

Congress, a Sickular Not Secular Party, Alleges Nagaland BJP
March 20
12:34 2017

Nagaland BJP has accused Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) of projecting a secular image only during elections for getting votes but becomes sickular or non-secular and ruling with fundamentalist vigour thereafter.

“Congress culturally and regionally dividing the nation,” BJP Nagaland said in a statement issued by its General Secretary (Media) & Spokesperson Jaangsillung Gonmei.

The Party was responding to allegations levelled by Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee President K Therie at the introductory programme for the new team of Nagaland Pradesh Youth Congress (NPYC) at Congress Bhavan in Kohima on March 17. “Theire has sounded his acute desperation because of his Congress party’s grand losses across the country and the Northeast.”

“Criticizing BJP has always been the Congress’ escapist method to camouflage its own faults, weakness, non-secularism, corruption and misrules to shield its leaders from their disgruntled workers,” BJP stated.

“Religion is a private matter and only the individual Christian’s inward qualities determine its larger Christian image by conforming to and most importantly, practicing in daily life, it’s tenets,” BJP shared.

BJP meanwhile maintained that the fundamental rights under article 29, 30 besides the Directive Principles and 371(A) offer sufficient protection for religion, tradition, cultures, education etc.

On the issue of corruption and other related issues, the Party responded that, “All these of congress misrules have made all the Nagas backward spiritually, ethically, culturally unable to grab modernity.”

The party also alleged that Congress’ money centric politics have created generations of greedy materialistic and therefore non-practicing Christians harbouring divisions on tribal, regional, village lines.

“The BJP and its allies are committed to build a strong nation throughout the length and breadth of the country on the principles of Sabka Saath, Sabka ka Vikas or Together with all, Development of all,” cleared BJP.


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