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Tue, 24 Apr 2018

Northeast Today

Hip Hop Dreams

Hip Hop Dreams
March 20
14:32 2017

February Edition, Music, NET Bureau

Hip hop production, involving the creation of instrumental, non lyrical aspects of hip hop music is a fledging scene in the Northeast. With talents writing songs and seeking out music to work with, Stunnah Beatz is quietly making a name for himself in this new field. Producer behind the viral “Anthem for The North East”, Stunnah talks about hip hop music, work and life in general. Excerpts.

Rajdeep Sinha, who goes by the name Stunnah Beatz is a much respected ‘guy’ in the hip hop scenario of the Northeast. Born and educated in Shillong, Stunnah moved to Pune for higher education. Creating beats and catering to a national as well as an international clientele, Stunnah is currently based in Guwahati from where he handles all his music related business, including shows and production.

NET: Tell us about your life.

SB: Well, I live a very unusual life because I handle all my business sitting in my room. Thanks to the internet, all I need to do is compose the beats, mix master it and put it on my website, youtube, soundcloud etc. for sale. Making music is my work and that is what I have been doing since 2011.

NET: What about the music you produce?

SB: As a producer I look up to things that inspire me. Be it social issues, personal outlook or the general condition of the youth, these help me get creative ideas for my music. I believe that these inspirations which will help me sustain my career in the long run. My aim in life is to make my family proud with my achievements and to make it to the billboard charts. I love to make trap and rhythm and blues beats. I do experiment with other genres but trap and R&B reflects my musical interests. I just enjoy making them.

NET: Tell us about “Anthem For The North East”. How did the project start and take off?

SB: It all started in early 2016 when I was at a local festival to check out a rap event called, “Lord of Rhymes”. There I met rapper Mrinal Paul, who was performing and hyping up the crowd. Coming back to the point, he linked me up with 101 India and the plan was set for the project. We all got together involved and the product is for all to see. Shout out to Mrinal for being the plug!


NET: What is the hip hop scenario like in the Northeast?

SB: Though fledging, the hip hop scene in the Northeast is growing like never before. While there is very little commercial exposure compared to the rock music scene, it is really inspiring to see the number of hip hop heads growing day by day. Every artist is working hard to make a living out of this and some are also doing regular jobs to invest in their craft. The scene in cities like Shillong is immense and it is slowly progressing. Guwahati is moving up in a big way with freestyle sessions garnering a sizeable audience. Artists are also finding some shows, though it is not as prevalent as in other parts of the country. There has been a significant growth since the time I started. Artists are putting their heart and soul in it and some are also cracking record deals whereas some others are doing great independently. Overall the future looks bright. Everyone is growing and I am growing too.

NET: What are your future plans? Any upcoming projects?

SB: My plan is to move to Canada along with my brother and producer partner Sez, also known as Sajeel Kapoor. I want to make a record label here in Guwahati and not only that I also want to start a club or pub for those who love hip hop. The aim will be to provide live acts for all the hip hop enthusiasts and give a platform to all the up and coming artists to showcase their skills. Oh! One more thing, I am planning to add some more entertainment in life by getting myself into the live music scene.

NET: Anything more you want to add.

SB: I am very blessed to have so much support. Not only for those who consistently invest in my beats but also for those who spend their time sharing my music. I just want to thank them all for being there for me since day one. Their support is my motivation. To all those upcoming talents I just want to say that you keep working hard consistently. Do not waste your time on things that don’t add value to your life. Make sure you live your dream every single day. Cheers!



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