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Sun, 19 May 2019

Northeast Today

Voodoo Child

Voodoo Child
March 14
16:47 2016

February Edition, NET Bureau

Formed in the summer of 2002, Voodoo Child has transformed from being a regular band to one of the leading Rock and Roll bands to have emerged from Northeast India.

NET: The name “Voodoo Child” is a very interesting name. Why Voodoo Child?

VC: After the band was formed, one morning in August 2002 , Rittique (the frontman of the band) got a phone call for a show in Guwahati Medical College’s Annual Fest. The organizer asked him the name of the band and until that point of time, no name had been chosen for the band. That very moment, Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Child was playing in the background in Rittique’s room. Hence, when asked about the band’s name, Rittique spontaneously replied Voodoo Child to the organizer. Thus, the name stuck and it has worked brilliantly for us.

NET: Tell us about the band members.

VC: Rittique ( Drums, Vocals) :– A Chartered Accountant by profession, Rittique has been the soul of the band. Being the founder member of the band, Rittique has been the ‘captain’ of this wonderful musical ship, sailing for the past 14 years.

Jim Ankan Deka (Guitars & Keyboards) :- Jim was initially part of the lineup from 2004- 2006 and then moved to Bangalore to set up one of Bangalore’s biggest music schools – Eastern Fare Music Foundation. Today, Jim is back with the band with a bang!

Rajib Hazarika (Guitars):- A veteran in the music industry, Rajib Hazarika is one of the most reputed and experienced guitar players of the region and runs his own studio – Om Studio.

Bobo (Bass):- Being part of Voodoo Child for 12 years now, Bobo is another veteran in the field, who has been playing the bass professionally for the past 30 years.

NET: Northeast has a swarming number of bands being theoasis of music lovers in India. What makes “Voodoo Child” different from the rest?

VC: Well, every band is different from the rest. Each band in this region is unique and special. Every band is great in their own way. That is what makes Northeast so special when it comes to music.

NET: Who writes your song?

VC: All songs are written and composed by Rittique, after which each band member gives in their own touch to colour up the song. We practice most of the evenings and record our music in different studios in Guwahati and at Jim’s studio in Barapani.

NET: While performing amidst a crowd, which songs are the most requested by your fans?

VC: Well there are certain numbers which are really catching up and getting popular with our fans. Songs like Taqi Song, In your Town, Little Love little Peace, Your World Below, Nights Go By, Typical Love Song, Out On The Road are very groovy and catchy and our listeners enjoy these a lot. All the songs written by us are close to our heart as it’s like our own baby and we see it grow stage by stage. There has been so many gigs in these past 14 years . About 400 of them and each one has been special in their own way. There is no greater high then playing live onstage in front of a good audience.

NET: “Voodoo Child” recently performed in the MLTR concert held in Guwahati on December’15 amidst a huge crowd? Share with us how it felt to perform before such a massive crowd ?

VC: It felt wonderful (Smiles). Great audience, great ambience, great show! But what felt even better was that finally Guwahati has had its first proper international act. A historic day it was.

NET: Where can we catch you playing live next?

VC: A lot of shows are in the racks. About 15 of them. You can catch the updates from our facebook page of the same name.

NET: Your message to the music lovers of India?

VC: Keep listening to good music and cheer and shout your lungs out to support bands when they play live on stage. That keeps the spirit of rock and roll alive. Thank you very much for coming around. It has been a pleasure. Cheers !!

Check Voodoo Child’s music updates at these links:- www.soundcloud.com/ voodoochildband


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