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Will Not Accept Any Move to Rollback the Creation of 7 New Districts: Ibobi

Will Not Accept Any Move to Rollback the Creation of 7 New Districts: Ibobi
March 20
11:45 2017

Welcoming the lifting of 4 months long economic blockade in the state, Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) has threatened to fight desperately if BJP government rolls back the creation of seven new districts in Manipur.

Speaking to media Nambol MLA N Loken, opposition leader and former Chief Minister of Manipur Okram Ibobi Singh said, “Congress party will not accept any move or attempt of the BJP to roll back the decision of the seven new districts in Manipur.”

Singh further clarified that creation of the new districts was purely for the purpose of administrative convenience considering the hardship of the people.

Referring to the lifting of economic blockade, Ibobi Singh questioned the sincerity of BJP asking if the blockade would have been lifted if the party failed to come to power in Manipur. “Will the BJP leave the people of Manipur to suffer and die by remaining a silent spectator and allowing the economic blockade to continue had it not come to power?”

Singh opined that the manner the economic blockade was lifted is a matter of suspicion, “BJP has used all its might to just to form the next government in Manipur to the extent of making the mockery of the democracy.”

Ibobi believes the lifting of blockade is a welcome relief to the Congress and to the people of Manipur.

Thanking Prime Minister Modi for materializing his commitment given to the people of Manipur in lifting the blockade, Ibobi stated, “It would be very unfortunate and tantamount to murder of democracy if all the initiative taken up by the BJP was only to come to power.”

“It would be most unfortunate if the blockade was planned between the BJP and the UNC which is a frontal organization of NSCN-IM, just to bring itself in to power at the cost of the suffering of the people,” he shared.


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