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Sun, 19 May 2019

Northeast Today

10 Furniture Everyone Must Have in His/Her House

10 Furniture Everyone Must Have in His/Her House
August 23
10:51 2018

Regardless of the type of home you have or the style you choose for the interior design, there are some elements that never change. Some pieces of furniture are must-have items and every home has them. They include the basics like the coffee table or the chairs but there are also other pieces that should exist in every home.

For example, you should always be prepared with some extra seats for your guests and you should not choose to ignore items such as the nightstand or the bed bench, even if they might not seem that important and you would rather save some space.

Here are the pieces of furniture that every home should have:



They form the most essential component of your drawing room. Welcome your guests and make them feel comfortable while chatting. It adds class and style to the living area. Design a sofa for your home with the material of your choice or get one from the market. There are plenty of options available. It is the best thing you can have when there are guests at home.


Extra chairs

It is very important to have extra chairs in your house so that you can provide proper sitting place to the extra visitors. Chairs can be utilized anywhere and can be very helpful when you have uninvited visitors at your place. Just because you don’t have room for bulky armchairs and a giant sofa doesn’t mean you won’t have a need for ample seating. One solution is to tuck a stack of chairs in a corner — when extra guests pop by, you can simply unstack them.


Coffee table

Instead of keeping a boring centre table you can opt for a stylish coffee table to add up to your living area. Coffee tables are small and are available in different patterns and textures. Buy one according to the theme of your house and add class to your place.


Night stands

In the bedroom, it’s really difficult to imagine the décor without a nightstand. It’s very practical as it allows you to store a book or magazine that you might like to read before you fall asleep, it gives you a place to put your alarm clock, phone, a glass of water, etc. If you want to save some space, built-in nightstands are a nice idea. If you have a room for your kids then a night stand between two beds is a nice idea to provide them dim light for sleeping



Store those unnecessary items in the settee and cover it up with a beautiful cover. Keep books or plants or simply decorate it with candle stands and photo frames. Settees can be a great idea as they can be used to store numerous useless items that are generally not of daily use and consume space without any purpose.



Keeping shelves lets you save a lot of place. Dedicate a wall to square or rectangular shaped shelves and you can easily keep books, magazines, showpieces, jars, cookies, photos etc. on them. They also provide your walls an interesting look and can also be used in the garden to keep small pots.


Sofa cum beds

Sleeper sofas, as they are also called, allow you to convert your living room or your home office into a guest bedroom. Since it serves as both a bed and a couch, it gives you more room to entertain as well as a place to sleep. So next time a guest turns up unannounced all you need to do is to open your sofa and turn it into a bed.


Centre table

They are the most essential component as they are utilized to serve things or can be used as a dining table too. Centre tables can also be used to decorate photos and are used to keep eatables and drinks.


Lamp stands

Add a bautuiful lamp stand at any corner of your house and add dim light effect. Lamp stands with brass coating are a best idea as they are long lasting and add a beautiful look to the corners of your living or even study area. Lamp stands can also be placed in the bedrooms to provide comfortable lighting so that you can sleep calmly throughout the night. Grab designer lamp stands from amazon and save more under ongoing amazon offers today.


Big mirror

Hanging a large mirror instantly makes a small room feel bigger and brighter. Position it across from a window for maximum light-boosting power. To get the look of a big mirror without spending a fortune, pick up two or three simple full-length mirrors and hang them side by side.



We all love to have a well maintained house and love to decorate our place with love. This is a list of some important furniture essentials that we must have in our home. You can shop for these latest furnitures from amazon and save move on your billing amount. Shop for the best products and add class to your house and make your guests feel jealous of your luxury living.




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