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The 26th of January, was the last and final step which made us transform into an independent republic, the date on which our constitution came into effect over 7 decades ago, it is the day, we as Indians take pride in. It was also the date on which ‘Purna Swaraj’ was proclaimed by the Indian National Congress in opposition of the British Raj in 1929.

Amid all jolly and celebrations, serial blasts rocked the state of Assam.  Two low intensity explosions in Dibrugarh, blasts in Duliajan, Doomdooma and Sonari, that too on a day when we should be celebrating the inseparable spirit of Indian cultures.

Yes, we may not come to terms with certain people or certain institutions on issues that pose a threat to our language, culture and Assamese identity as a whole, but we know how to subtly protest and make our voices heard. We do not resort to violence and still put our messages across quite effectively. These differences do not entitle anybody to decide whether or not the people will celebrate this day of such historical prominence.

Right from childhood, we’ve dressed up in tidy uniforms with little tricoloured flags pinned to our pockets and marched with the same flag in our hands. We’ve sung patriotic songs, marching songs, hoisted and saluted the same tricolour across the nation, right from the Northernmost tip in Kashmir to the southernmost in Kanyakumari and right from the extreme west, the Kutch of Gujarat to Kibithu of Arunachal in the East!

We’ve been sitting down, with our families, in front of our television screens to watch the ceremonious parades that take place at the Rajpath every year paying tribute to our motherland and its unity in diversity. Does that sound like anything less than a festival? Nothing compares to the excitement of sitting through the whole programme on Republic Day just to watch a parade float display the rich heritage and culture of our own state among all others at the Rajpath!

The ULFA- I has called for boycott of Republic Day celebrations, the day when we celebrate unity, the day when we celebrate harmony and the day when we celebrate oneness despite a million differences. Guns and explosives will not ruin the spirit of the Assamese Indian! We, the Assamese fought for this country as much as any other community and militant outfits better not forget that we still stand in respect of the stand National Anthem and like the rest of the country, we too hold the same 24 values preached through the Dharma Chakra which appeared on the abacus of the Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashoka.

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