Fahd Alam Hazarika

India could not have woken up to a better morning. I’d never imagined that I’d personally be so elated by the news of anybody being killed. Whatever the nature or magnitude of a crime, I’ve always had reservations about capital punishment, but this is different. Nirbhaya’s story was horrifying enough even without the details, add to it the description of how they pulled her insides out, leaving just 5% of intestine in her body and why they did that. I do not think that even Jesus of Nazareth, had he been the judge, would have pardoned these monsters.

Then there are people like A.P Singh and M.L Sharma, their defendants who kept trying to delay the inevitable until their last drop of blood, until every possible loophole in our extremely compassionate legal system was exploited and exhausted. Also, there’s a reason I mentioned the ‘Why’ in the same breath as the ‘What’- because it airs some inexplicable misogynistic views which are vital to be discussed in order to address and change them, because the reason behind both, the gangrape, and the lawyers of the rapists defending them with their heads held high is the same – the belief (in their own admission) that decent women do not roam around freely at night, and most certainly not with a male partner who’s not either her father, brother or husband.

M.L Sharma and A.P Singh’s sophisticated comparison of women to flowers and diamonds and that they would have burnt their own daughters alive if they went out with boys, transpires an unsettling disgust, equally disturbing as the raw, uneducated violence of the rapists, if not more.

If educated men of law think and act like this, how are they any different from the beasts they are representing?

Yes, it is our duty to punish the guilty and we have done that today, but there’s a larger question that presents itself before us – Who or what is the real enemy of humanity? Is it the perpetual rapist? Or is it the lawyer shamelessly defending him? Or is it our society itself that produces such products of poor education, of centuries of ignorance and patriarchy, and of violence and impunity? Think about it.