Quarantine facility will be converted into temporary jail: Sarma

Photo: PTI

Assam Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Wednesday said the Sarusajai Quarantine Facility would be converted to a temporary jail if those undergoing quarantine there do not cooperate with the authorities.
Sarma interacted on Wednesday at the centre with a section of quarantined persons from Nalbari who had complained on social media about the alleged lack of facilities and demanded that they be allowed to go home.

The minister told reporters here that their complaints would be looked into but they will not be allowed to go unless the doctors give them the clearance certificate.

“If anybody attempts to leave without the doctors clearance, then we will be forced to declare the Quarantine facility into a temporary jail and they will be kept here for three months under non-bailable sections”, he said.

Sarma appealed to the quarantined persons “not to do Facebook Andolan (protest) but extend their cooperation by completing the required period of quarantine and maintaining the physical distance”.

These people had come into contact with five persons from Uttar Pradesh who after attending the Tablighi Jamaat event had come to Nalbari to visit mosques, and some of them also attended a religious event at the Athgaon Kabarsthan Masjid here on March 12. “Those who did not have direct contact with these five persons will be examined by the doctors and only if they give the certificate, then they can be released before Ramzan begins”, Sarma said. Those who, however, came in direct contact with them will have to complete the 28 days of quarantine period and follow the required protocols, he said. It is for their own good and that of their family members and villagers that they are being quarantined, he said. “The government is spending money on them, providing excellent food, services of doctors and police and there may be minor irritants which the concerned authorities will take care of”, he added. The five persons from Uttar Pradesh are undergoing treatment for the last 18 days and are yet to be released.

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