Why Is Everyone Talking About This New Age Car Tracking Device?

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Everyone’s top priority is their family and they’d never want any harm to come on them. However, with changing times, the crime rate in India has risen, putting our loved ones under threat. In a situation like today’s, you do everything to protect and ensure the well-beingof your near and dear ones. Just as we equip our homes with the latest technology to protect it from any lurking threat; similarly, we need to equip our vehicles.

Safeguarding your vehicle and ensuring that your loved ones are safe when they travel in it can be done with the help of a car tracking device. However, with the growing demand, the demand for car tracking devices in the market has also risen. Amongst the plethora of devices, the one that stands out the most is KENT CamEye. It is a device that is much more advanced than any other car tracking device in India.

This device is the talk of the town as it is a knight in shining armor when it comes to providing 360-degree protectionto your loved ones.KENT CamEye ensures that not only your loved ones have a safe commute, but also your vehicle is safe and not being misused. Wondering how? Here are a few features that make it possible and make KENT CamEye stand out:

Unique Features of KENT CamEye

  • Dual Camera

The dual camera feature of KENT CamEye is a technology that no other player in the car security market has implemented yet. This device comes with a dual-camera feature that not only allows the recording of outside the car but also inside. This feature comes handy when you want to make sure that your chauffeur or your teenager isn’t misusing your vehicle.

  • Cloud StorageBackup

Most car tracking devices lack the facility of storage as the data only gets stored in the storage card. The engineers at KENT recognized this issue and came up with cloud data-storage technology. The device comes with a pre-installed 4G sim card that uploads everything to the cloud.In case of low connectivity, the data gets stored in the within the internal memory; once the connectivity is resumed, the data automatically syncs to the cloud. You can access the cloud anytime through your mobile app and even view the previous records of trips and videos. You can also download the video footage on your mobile.

  • 2-Way Communication

The two-waycommunicationfeature in KENT CamEye is unique and hasn’t been previously implemented by any other car tracking device in India. The device comes with an in-built mic and speaker that helps achieve smooth back and forth communication between you and the person behind the wheel. With this feature, the driver doesn’t need to reach out for their mobile, this prevents distractions that cause accidents. This feature is also beneficial when you want to rectify the behavior of the driver or reach in case of emergencies such as breakdowns.



  • Device Tampering Alerts

The car tracking devices present in the Indian markets are easy to be hampered with, making it easy to bring harm to your vehicle and loved ones. These devices can easily be covered, plugged out or rebooted, making them unreliable when it comes to ensuring safety. However, KENT CamEye is a smart device that sends out a notification on your phone, to alert you if your device is being hampered with. Thisensures that your vehicle and your family are not taken undue advantage of.

  • Face Recognition Technology

The dual camera mentioned earlier is a unique feature that KENT CamEye possesses but that’s not all! The camera that helps you track the activities of inside the vehicle also possesses the technology for face recognition. The AI-based face recognition feature helps identify the driver in the car, making sure that no unknown person boards your vehicle. You will immediately receive a notification whenever a non-whitelisted person drives your car.

KENT CamEye— A Device That Has It All

The features and technologies that KENT CamEye possesses are unique, unheard of and not used by any other car tracking devices in India.If you think that these are the only features that this device has, then you’re in for a surprise as there’s much more. This omnipresent device has AI-based smart alerts that are sent to your mobile to ensure safety. Some of these intelligent alerts include engine idle, over speeding, geo-fencing, AC on, place of interest, and much more.

KENT CamEye can be ordered to your doorsteps through the Amazon India website and installed easily in your car with the help of a comprehensive guide. With the best technology and features, KENT CamEye is a step ahead of all the other devices that exist in the market, making everyone talk about this new age car tracking device.

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