Mindora, a social start-up to deal with mental health issues


Mindora is a Guwahati based social startup with a new-age solution to the uprising mental health issues like depression, stress & anxiety founded by Jayanta Haloi and Chinmoy Kashyap.

We respond to our users in 2 layers. Upon booking, a psychologist contacts the user via a selected medium (chat or phone calls) and takes on the sessions, and in severe cases where there is a need for medical help, the case is transferred to a in-house psychiatrist for medical consultation.

All the responses are given by human experts and unlike few other service providers, no bots are used here, because we believe the problems of human emotions cannot be solved by robots, there needs to be personalized sessions for each individual.

Right now, we have a team of 18 individual experts in diverse fields like clinical psychology, psychiatry, operations, technical support, and marketing.

The ongoing Covid-19 lockdown and social isolation have already started breaking down the economy, livelihoods, businesses, jobs, relationships, and whatnot, which all are channeling a huge imbalance in the mental health of the mass population. We must get emotionally and mentally ready with a solution-centric approach to face the shift that has started to happen.
In view of the rising demand in this crisis period, we have launched our services across India all free of cost for the users until 15th of May. Right now, the bookings are being taken through a form via our social media handles and providing help through chat and phone calls (according to the user’s choice). Daily, on an average 7-9 new people are booking for Mindora’s services from different cities (Guwahati, Barpeta, Biswanath, Shillong, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, etc.) and so far, we have successfully completed 67 cases across India.

We are developing a digital platform where people can check their scale of mental health and take help from the psychologists & psychiatrists keeping their identity safe. This will increase the lacking awareness and encourage people to opt for help breaking the social stigma of acknowledging one’s mental health problems and sharing it with others.

At mindora, we also provide group sessions, seminars, stress management workshops, personalized sessions for the teams, and employees in private as well as government organizations. We are trying to collaborate with other organizations and governments to spread awareness on mental health, provide efficient suicide helplines, bridge the gap between patients and professionals, and increase the overall happiness index in India.

*Problem statement
(Just like any other muscle and organ, our brain has its own way of coping with problems. A sad, anxious, and depressed society is bound to succumb. According to WHO, India is the 6th most depressed country in the world, and there exists a social stigma of acknowledging one’s mental health problems and seeking help in the knowledge of their family and friends.)

Form link: https://mindora.typeform.com/to/TYq0km

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mindoraindia/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindoraindia/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mindoraindia
E-mail: [email protected]


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