10 poachers arrested for killing Asiatic black bear in Meghalaya

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At least 10 persons have been arrested for allegedly killing an Asiatic black bear in a remote village in Meghalaya”s East Khasi Hills district, officials said on Thursday.
Preliminary investigation revealed that the pregnant bear was caught by using honey boxes as bait, they said.

One person was arrested on May 5, the rest were arrested on Wednesday, Forest and Environment Minister Lahkmen Rymbui said.

Photos of poachers skinning the animal went viral on social media earlier this week, leading to outrage.

The incident happened on May 4 at Mawpyrthuh village in Pynursla sub-division, a remote area near the India- Bangladesh border.

The Asiatic black bear, also known as the Himalayan black bear or Tibetan black bear, is a vulnerable species.

Rymbui, who is also the Home Minister, said preliminary investigation revealed that the accused had set the bear on fire after capturing it.

What I would like to state here is that if you hunt wild animals, the law will also not spare you, he said, urging people to refrain from such illegal activities.

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