1,715 fined for violating lockdown norms, COVID-19 guidelines in Mizoram

Photo: PTI

At least 1,715 have been finedfor defying the lockdown and other guidelines relating toCOVID-19 since May 4 in Mizoram, police said on Sunday.
They were fined for violating the rules after theContainment and Prevention of COVID-19 Ordinance, 2020 cameinto effect, Inspector General of Police (Law and Order) LHShanliana said during a review meeting.

Over Rs 4 lakh has been collected as fine from theoffenders, he said.

The majority of the offenders were those who failed towear face masks in public places, he added.

Aizawl district recorded the highest number ofoffenders, followed by the Lunglei district, the officer said.

According to the Containment and Prevention of COVID-19 Ordinance 2020 promulgated by the state government on May3, any person, who exposes the identity of coronaviruspatients in print, electronic or social media without priorpermission from competent authority will be punished withimprisonment of three months or with a fine up to Rs 5,000 orboth.

Besides, Rs 5,000 fine will be imposed on people whocross border or enter the state, or organise a social orreligious event without permission or escape from quarantinefacility, as per the ordinance.

A fine of Rs 300 will be imposed for spitting inpublic, Rs 200 for failing to maintain social distancingprotocol and Rs 100 for failing to wear a mask in a publicplace.

Persons failing to comply with any other instructionor guidelines issued by the Centre or the state government,including lockdown guidelines issued from time to time, willbe fined Rs 1,000.

Those avoiding or attempting to evade quarantinewill be fined Rs 3,000.

A fine of Rs 500 will be slapped against those whofail to comply with instruction or guidelines and endangeringthe safety of others while staying at the designatedquarantine facility.

Over 2,500 policemen are on duty across the state forvarious purposes regarding the coronavirus outbreak, themeeting was informed.

A minute of silence was also observed during themeeting to pay homage to the four policemen who died on theline of duty during the ongoing lockdown. CORRSOM SOM

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