Ering donates PPE Kits to police and medical teams


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With the opening of train services for the common masses, a huge number of stranded students and people have started to return in the state from outside including orange and red zones. Nobody knows who could be a carrier of coronavirus. Police and Medical teams deployed at Ruksin check gates are yet again at high risk being vulnerable to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ninnong Ering, 37-West Pasighat MLA, who has always been a torch bearer at the forefront took cognizance of the aggravating situation has stood up again in contributing 20 sets of PPEs for the Police and Medical Screening personnel who shall come into close proximity of the returnees. Joluk Minung, OSD to MLA cum President Adi Bane Kebang Youth Wing (ABKYW) formally handed over the PPE sets to OC Ruksin, Inspector Abraham Taying on Thursday.

In his message, MLA Ering stated that Ruksin being the gateway to many districts in the Eastern part of Arunachal has remained one of the most hectic places for the police and medical teams. The long and porous interstate border is an addition to the woes of Police personnel who have sealed the interstate porous border and patrolling around 24×7 to ward off any wanton movements. With the onset of monsoon, some sections of people have started to bring in labours from Assam for agricultural purposes through these porous borders. The farm owners hiding from the Police personnel are sneaking in the labourers through these porous borders which could be detrimental and lead to a catastrophic situation in the long-run. It is high time the State mechanism should gear up and ensure proper checking at the check gates to filter and ward off any wanton movements inside the State.

“This is giving me mental peace that our Corona Warriors are safe and can confidently handle the situation. In the war against Covid-19, our health care professionals are like our soldiers at the border fighting for our health and freedom. Just like we equip our soldiers for the battle we must do the same with our police and medical teams. It is our moral obligation and social responsibility to support them in the fight by not venturing out from our homes at this crucial moment when people from the red zones are returning,” Ering said.

OC Taying extended his gratitude said, “MLA Ering’s thought of reaching out to the warriors by distributing the safety kits was really great. This initiative will boost the morale of the police and medical officers out on the field to handle any situation coming their way if they have the safety kits with them.”

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