ICU inaugurated at Khandro Drowa Tsangmu District Hospital Tawang

NET News Desk

Tawang MLA Tsering Tashi, on Saturday, inaugurated and dedicated four-bedded Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to Khandro Drowa Tsangmu District Hospital Tawang, in presence of DC Tawang Sang Phuntsok, SP Tawang B.Kamduk, DMO Tawang Dr. Wangdi Lama, Addl.DC Tawang Lobsang Tsering, Doctors, health workers, public leaders and officers. Dr.Ashish Pao, Anesthesiologist KDS Dist Hospital Tawang gave briefing about the ICU and its equipments to MLA.

MLA, Tashi along with DC, DMO and others also made a visit to  General inpatient ward of KDS Dist Hospital Tawang, met the patients and handed over financial assistance to them. This was followed by a meeting with Doctors and health officials of KDS District Hospital Tawang in the conference hall of KDS Dist Hospital.

In the formal meeting with doctors DMO Tawang Dr. Wangdi Lama conveyed his gratitude to MLA Tawang and Govt of Arunachal Pradesh for providing necessary equipments and support for ICU in Tawang. He appreciated his team of doctors for their sincerity and dedication saying “COVID or NO Covid, Doctors and Health workers are always frontline workers, there will be criticism from certain people, but let us not listen to those negative criticism and give our service with utmost sincerity and dedication. We should always lead from the front, though we are in shortage of doctors and staff but this shouldn’t impede us in giving our best with whatever available resources we have. He further informed that KDS Dist Hospital urgently needs a Surgeon and a Pediatrician. Otherwise the Local MLAs and district Administration has been very supportive to us and DC Tawang has always kept Health and Education in his priority.”

DC Tawang Sang Phuntsok, appreciated the sincere and dedicated team of Doctors and health workers and further expressed his satisfaction for the much needed ICU in KDS District Hospital considering the remoteness and tough terrain of Tawang. He further informed that general perception towards Health department and Doctors few years back were not very appreciable but now it has changed. He also appreciated the doctors for recently saving a life by successfully removing an iron rod impaled in his body, though there was a shortage of necessary equipments and experts. He further said that though DC also gets limited fund, but out of that limited resource also, his priority has always been Health and education. “Every year we have purchased some necessary equipments for our hospital from DC fund and shall continue to do so. We shall try to keep our Hospital well equipped, and we are fortunate that our local MLAs are always ready to provide their help and support whenever there is a request.” DC added that Tawang District Hospital is one of the best performing hospitals not because we have facilities, but it is due to the sincerity, dedication and competency of the team of Doctors and health workers who have been always giving their best service.

MLA Tsering Tashi conveyed his gratitude to Chief Minister Pema Khandu on behalf of the people of Tawang for the ICU in District Hospital. Tsering Tashi further said that a Doctor and health workers profession is very special, you develop a bonding with every patient. In such time of pandemic when everything is closed down it’s the Hospital and Doctors, health workers who have not shut down their service. “This CORONA has given us a good opportunity to think on this line, and showed us that the Police personnel and Health workers are always in the frontline giving their service even at the cost of their own life. Even they have risked their own family members for our safety,” Tashi said.

“Though we have some shortcomings in our district hospital we as a team shall now onwards strengthen our capabilities, though I am local MLA of the area but so far I have never come across any complaints or requests from Doctors, this shows your sincerity towards your duty,” said Tashi while reminding the health workers that in coming days their work load will increase more.