Manipur CM clarifies stand after mass resignation of nurses


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Manipur Chief Minister Nongthombam Biren Singh in a clarification said that the state government has not issued any advisory to nurses and healthcare workers working in different parts of the country to return back to the state amid the lockdown.

This came following reports of mass resignation of nurses from Manipur, working in various private hospitals based in Kolkata.

As per reports at least 185 nurses from the state left for Manipur after resigning from their jobs amid the rise of COVID-19 cases in Kolkata.

Reports further stated, while Kolkata is fighting with a number of increased COVID-19 cases, over 300 nurses employed in various private hospitals have quit their jobs and left for their homes in Manipur, Tripura, Odisha, Jharkhand etc.

As reported in the Hindustan Times, The Association of Hospitals of Eastern India (AHEI), a non-statutory body with 17 private medical facilities in Kolkata as members, has written to Chief Secretary Rajiva Sinha seeking his intervention in resolving the crisis.

In a letter, the president of the AHEI, said, “Although the exact reason why they are leaving is not known, we have found out from other nurses still on duty that the state government of Manipur is offering them a lucrative stipend to return home.”

Taking to Facebook, Manipur Chief Minister clarified the claim and said, “No such advisory has been issued by the state. We are not asking anybody to return. We feel proud of them as they serve the patients in Calcutta, Delhi, Chennai and Maharashtra – serving patients.”

“We have already said that we will compensate and reward them for treating COVID-19 patients. But if the nurses, doctors don’t feel comfortable in the hospitals where they are working that’s up to them… I cannot force them to stay there. It’s their choice. That might be the reason why they are coming back,” Singh said in a video address.

“If they have been victimised or discriminated at their workplaces, I cannot force them to stay back and continue to work there. And that could be one of the reasons why they left their jobs and returned to the state,” he said.

According to reports a nurse, who left for Manipur earlier this week, said safety concerns and parental pressure were the two main reasons she quit her job.

“Our parents are concerned and we are stressed as the cases here are rising every day. Our state is a green state and we wish to go back. Our state government is helping us. Family and parents are our priority,” as quoted by the nurse.

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