NPCC demands Special Trains and Feeder Transport to Evacuate Stranded People

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Expressing concern about the plight of workers and students from Nagaland stranded in different parts of the country, the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has urged the state government to arrange special trains feeder transport to evacuate stranded people.

In a press release issued by the NPCC highlighting the plight of those stranded outside the state, mentioned that 55 days into lockdown, many workers have lost their jobs and are out on the streets after being evicted for nonpayment of house rent. The ever looming threat of pandemic, racial attack and hunger are creating a greater humanitarian crisis far beyond our imagination. Every passing day is becoming difficult to survive for majority of our people.

The Committee therefore urged the state government to arrange special trains from different major cities of India and also to arrange feeder transport in coordination with host state to help stranded ones reach the originating station for onward journey to Nagaland.

The release further stated that the evacuation process should be completed within a week by deploying additional manpower to monitor the situation in different states and a senior IAS officer whose position in the govt will be given due weightage by his counterparts in other states to meet the urgent demands of the unfolding humanitarian crisis.

Recalling the help offered by the committee of bearing the cost of train fares for needy workers and migrant labourers being turned down by state government, it further offered assistance in coordinating with Congress ruled states to evacuate our people. “The state government stands to lose nothing by putting up collective effort in these extraordinary times,” it added.

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