Sikkim slams Delhi govt for referring the state as a separate nation, Kejriwal responds

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Sikkim on Saturday slammed the Delhi Government for a controversial advertisement which referred to Sikkim as a separate nation and clubbed it with Nepal and Bhutan.

In an advertisement which had called for volunteers to join the Civil Defence Corps has stated in the eligibility column that the applicants should be ‘citizens of India or a subject of Sikkim, Bhutan or Nepal’.

A photo of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also been printed on this advertisement.

The Sikkim Government has demanded the withdrawal of the ad immediately. In a letter written to the Delhi Government, Sikkim Chief Secretary S C Gupta said, “This is immensely hurtful to the people of Sikkim who take pride in being the citizens of our great country, ever since it became the 22nd state of the Indian Union on 16th May 1975. I would request to immediately withdraw the offensive advertisement and issue a suitable communiqué to assuage the feelings of the people of Sikkim.”

Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang took to social media where he asked the Chief Minister of Delhi to give an unconditional apology.

“I am deeply hurt by an advertisement published by the Government of Delhi terming the people Sikkim as different citizen equated with Nepal and Bhutan. The people of Sikkim are emotionally integrated with the nation since 1975. Our people even cannot think of such a mistake by a responsible Government. The people of Sikkim are the lover of democracy and amalgamated with the national ethos, purity of nationhood engraved in their heart. The ignorance or intensions are unpardonable. I urge the Chief Minister of Delhi to give an unconditional apology to the people of Sikkim as the people are agitated with this type of mistakes from an accountable Government. The advertisement maligns the patriotism of the people of Sikkim,” said Tamang.


Meanwhile, the Delhi Government has suspended a senior officer of the directorate of civil defence for publishing the advertisement.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in a tweet said that Sikkim is an integral part of India and mentioned that immediate action has been taken against the officer concerned.

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