NEHU teachers asked to join university amid pandemic

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Posted in Meghalaya

Amidst the rising cases of COVID 19 positive cases in Assam, the Pro Vice-Chancellor of North Eastern Hill University NEHU, has allegedly recalled teachers who were out of station during the lockdown and asked them to report to his office.

Even though there is a nationwide lockdown the teachers in question were unable to return to their place of work. However, a few teachers returned to Tura and are presently under home quarantine. As Assam has been witnessing a rise in the positive cases, the residents of the localities where many stay in rented accommodation, have become nervous and jittery.

On the basis of anonymity, local sources said, “What is baffling is the timing of the order of the PVC instructing teachers to submit their joining report to his Office when online classes have been mandated by the MHRD and when all educational institutions have not yet reopened, forcing unnecessary travel of the teachers who are mostly from Assam, in the middle of a deadly pandemic.”

Sources further stated that the Office of the PVC has failed to abide by the protocol issued by the Government of Meghalaya until the filing of this report. There are no signs of thermal screening or hand wash basins at the entry and exit of the Campus premises, let alone a quarantine centre for teachers, who, being without families are facing difficulty in maintaining home quarantine.

“In the absence of any designated community quarantine centre in place by NEHU, Tura, teachers coming from other states have been forced to quarantine in their own respective localities causing genuine concerns among the local residents. The local residents are now deeply worried that the office of the NEHU PVC may well turn the whole of Tura into a potential zone for massive Covid-19 outbreak,” sources.


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