Three-year-old boy who fell into borewell in Telangana dies

Image Credit: Times Of India

A three-year-old boy who accidentally fell into a newly drilled open borewell in Telangana’s Medak district was found dead in the early hours of Thursday, police said.

The kid’s body was retrieved at around 4 am after a nearly 10 hours’ long rescue operation involving different agencies, they said. “He died a while before we evacuated him, most likely due to the mud that covered him from the top sealing off necessary oxygen supply, ” Medak District Superintendent of Police Chandana Deepti told media agencies.

The boy had accidentally slipped into the 120- feet borewell at around 5 pm on Wednesday in an agricultural field located in Papannapet mandal of the district when he was walking with his grandfather and father, police earlier said.

As part of rescue efforts, a parallel trench was dug along the borewell hole with the help of earth excavating machines and oxygen was supplied into it, but the efforts went in vain as the boy’s body was found stuck at a depth of around 25 feet, the police said.

Apart from the police, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) personnel were also involved in the rescue operation.

The borewell into which the child fell was one among the three dug by the family since Tuesday night to try and find water for their fields. But none of them yielded any water, police had said.

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