Arunachal Pradesh: Meeting held on district containment plan

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East Siang DC, Dr.Kinny Singh chaired a coordination and review meeting with various stakeholders on the containment plan of Covid-19 for the district, on Friday. The meeting was attended by MLAs, Ninong Ering, Lombo Tayeng and Kaling Moyong, SP, Rajiv Ranjan Singh, ADCs,  Health Authorities, Administrative Officers, representatives of NGOs,HoDs and officials of essential services.

Informing on the containment zone protocols to be followed at community level in rural and municipal areas and risk assessment, the DC said that no containment is needed if a person turns positive in a Quarantine facility. However, containment of an area is needed if a person turns positive in Home Quarantine or in a locality.

So far 640 samples have been taken and 486 samples tested negative and 154 results are awaited. Currently, 241 persons are in facility quarantine in the District and it remains Covid-19 free till now.

Dr.Singh took stock of the action plans by departments thanked the MLAs for their support all through to combat Covid-19 in the district.

The DC also stressed on sustained dissemination of awareness on preventive measures, counselling of vulnerable population and combating fake news and panic.

The DC further sought the continued support of NGOs and volunteers and their inputs to strengthen strategies and facilities for an effective containment plan in keeping with the needs and challenges of the district. DC Singh lauded the yeoman roles of ABK District Unit, WASE, ABK WW, BBYK and other stakeholders and in working tirelessly since the lockdown and aiding the efforts of the District Administration.

She also took stock of the arrangements and measures taken at the respective sub-divisional level by the ADCs of Ruksin, Mebo and Pasighat.

MLA  37th West A/C, Ering in his address called for continued awareness on preventive measures and saluted the efforts of the Covid Warriors. He also stressed on humane approach and extending best possible support & facilities to the students and other returnees.

Lauding the efforts of the frontline workers and Covid warriors MLA Tayeng spoke on collective efforts by all stakeholders and coordination with village local bodies and GBs.

MLA,38thPasighat, Kaling Moyong called for maintaining the green zone status by continuing to maintain strict screening with the increasing number of returness and the district being the gateway to various districts.

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