World No Tobacco Day observed in Tawang


The District Tobacco Control Cell (DTCC) Tawang, observed the “World No Tobacco Day” on May 31.

The Theme of this year was “Protecting youth from Industry manipulation and preventing them from tobacco and nicotine use”.

In Tawang, headquarters the programme was organised in collaboration with TAWANG RIDERS CLUB. Ten mountain Bikers from this club which included Dr Sangey Thinley and Dr D. Magu and others participated in the rally which started from Tawang Monastery covering entire Tawang Township and SOPs for COVID-19. They also spread the message of ill effects of Tobacco.

Later District Programme Officer (NTCP) Dr. Thinley gave awareness to those in institutional quarantine in the two quarantine centres of Tawang on the adverse effects of Tobacco consumption and prohibition on spitting in public places after chewing smokeless tobacco products, as well as precautionary measures to fight COVID-19. This was followed by a focused group discussion for the tobacco users in DTCC Tawang.

At Jang sub-division Headquarters Dr.Rinchen Neema, gave awareness to the public, police personnel and government employees on ill effects of Tobacco and also regarding harmful effects of spitting, which may lead to transmission of many contagious diseases.