NGOs appeal not to stigmatise & ostracise Covid-19 patients

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With the arrival of Covid-19 cases in Arunachal Pradesh, three prominent NGOs of Pasighat and East Siang- Siang Trust, Mirmir Bulls & WASE has appealed the society not to stigmatise or ostracise individuals and families over Covid-19.

While educating the masses, the NGOs said that Covid-19 has affected all countries of the world and all states of India. The virus is highly contagious but manageable with a very low mortality rate. Covid-19 is here to stay with us till a vaccine is developed and societies have to learn to live with it.

Instead of ostracizing or stigmatising, we should take precautions to avoid the spread of the disease by maintaining social distancing, wearing masks when going out, washing hands frequently with soap and using alcohol based sanitizers. We should avoid large gatherings and go out only if necessary. The virus is attacking human beings, hence, instead of dividing, all humans should unite and cooperate to fight the disease with science and logic. During these times, we should avoid putting a stigma on individuals, families, villages or areas, they said.


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