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The state of Arunachal Pradesh has been able to maintain a low percentage of COVID-19 cases among the returnees who tested positive for corona virus. The success of the state in maintaining this forte depends upon the handling of the situation by the administrative department as well as the people of the region. Northeast Today reports


Recently, the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Pema Khandu made a statement in his twitter account where he acknowledged the  efforts  of all the nodal officers for their devoted work for supporting Arunachalis across the country. He said-“We have  recorded low positive case among the returnees. This was possible as we were able to take care of stranded Arunachalis across the country through our nodal officers, delivering essential items at  their  doorstep.”  So far Arunachal Pradesh has recorded the lowest percentage of COVID-19 cases among the returnees who tested positive for corona virus.

Instead of considering this as a self glorified statement we should liberally acknowledge the fact of success of Arunachal Pradesh in dealing with the epidemic which also been appraised by other people irrespective of their political positions. Acknowledging the achievement story of all north- eastern hilly states, the Union Minister Jitendra Singh on last 20th May said that the success of the measures taken by the north-eastern states is evident from the fact that Sikkim and Nagaland do not have a single COVID-19 positive case till the time of his revelation. We must have to remember that when Mr. Singh appraised these facts, five states of northeast India — Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Sikkim –were totally free from COVID-19. Till to the scripting of this report the numbers of the infected people has risen up to 27 in Arunachal Pradesh without any fatality, but if we see the spike of total number of infected person in the country which is almost nearing around two lakhs then undoubtedly this little number could be appreciated as a good success. This is the result of the people of the state for their co-operation to implement the lockdown successfully, besides the state government’s pro-active precautionary measures in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Arunachal Pradesh was one of the early adopters in implementation of lockdown, which started from 17 March and extended it in line with  the  national   lockdown. Under the leadership of Chief Minister Pema Khandu the state administration has taken all measures to keep the state free from the virus and before any person was infected  by this virus the state government designated Tomo Riba Institute of Medical Sciences & Hospital (TRIHMS) as a COVID-19 hospital.  The   Government has made every effort for necessary preparations by way of purchase of ventilators, PPE, quarantine facilities to meet any contingency. With the lockdown in effect Arunachal Pradesh has been swift with setting up COVID control rooms in each district with respective helpline numbers, including the state control room and helpline numbers.

Under the leadership of Chief Minister Khandu the state government also set up various donations forum and other individual organizations to aid in the relief effort with relation to COVID-19 and lockdown. Among them the most effective one is the Chief Minister Relief Fund (CMRF) under which the government  is providing Rs 3,500 to each Arunachali person stranded outside the state amid nationwide lockdown. The government is also providing one thousand rupees to all farmers registered under the PM-KISAN scheme.

Apart from that the government has also decided to distribute free LPG cylinders to the Ujjwala beneficiaries for three months under PM Garib Kalyan Yojana. Along with strictly maintaining the principles of social distancing, the idea of Stay Safe, and Stay Home, the state has also developed several digital platforms for providing assistance to the citizens. These platforms have been providing daily updates on the situation of lockdown and COVID-19. The State Government  has also launched an app named COVID care for supporting those in quarantine, to allow them to self-report their health status and offer them crucial COVID-19 related information. The state to provide consultancy with doctors via phones also launched a Telemedicine services in collaboration with the State Government   and Indian  Medical  Association. It has no doubt that all these efforts that have capitalised a kind of comparative  success in combating COVID 19 in Arunachal Pradesh resulted from a combine effort of the state administration, common  citizen and a numbers of community based organisations. Because of these organised efforts Arunachal Pradesh has been able to maintain its place in being the state with the least number of COVID-19 patients.


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