Benefits of Virtual Proctoring

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Proctoring means to keep a check on the people who are giving any exam so that they do not involve any malpractice while appearing for the test. The person who is examining is known as the proctor. With the advancement in the technology, it has given an upliftment in this process as well. Earlier for this, a person was required that will keep a check but now when the exams have become online, in the same way this process has become a new concept named Virtual proctoring. This involves artificial intelligence in their process to keep a check on the people.


Virtual proctoring is now becoming a very important part of the recruitment process. Recruitment means selecting the right person at the right time and in the right place. For all this the candidate needs to go through various tests and interviews, according to his performance in that he will be selected. The very first step after the candidate is to be shortlisted from the lot is to appear for the assessment test. This test is performed to check the knowledge and skills that the person has.


The candidates who have applied from the job can be from anywhere across the country and even globe. So, it becomes very difficult for them to come to the head office of the company and give the assessment test. That is why online tests are conducted and in those online tests the virtual proctoring plays an important role by keeping the check on the candidate’s behavior. In any case the system finds anything wrong, it can give alert to the candidate, after that still it finds something, it can also cancel the test. So, it is a very efficient system that has made the work of recruitment easier and more efficient.


Virtual proctoring has gained much of the popularity in recent years online. This not only used by the companies for the recruitment process but is also used by the various educational institutes for conducting exams. This technology is so ubiquitous that it has made this online learning available in all most all the areas. It has made it possible for the students to take admissions in the universities that are far from them and with the help of this virtual proctoring the universities can conduct the exam. This way both university and student will be benefited. Different companies or universities are using different types of virtual proctoring systems. The market of this system is growing day by day and many renowned companies are giving tough competition to each other by upgrading their system.


Let’s now have a look at the benefits to the students who give online exams via virtual proctoring.

  • Candidates have the advantage of choosing a convenient time in which they can appear for the exam. The exam conductor provider the candidates with the exam window within which they have to appear for the exam. And according to the exam window the student can choose the best time and day when he can give the exam.
  • The candidate need not travel to the places for giving the exam. He can sit anywhere and can easily give an exam. It saves both time and money of the candidate.
  • Candidates can give exam anywhere like at their house or office wherever they are more comfortable. These places will more be relaxing than giving an exam at the test center, even the candidate can concentrate more when he is giving an exam at his comfortable place.
  • Online proctoring software will provide candidates with more privacy. As in the hiring process the candidates can be professionals so they would prefer to give exams at the familiar and quiet place like their homes or offices rather than giving exams at test centers.
  • For an online exam, the candidate only needs to have access to the computer and internet connection and the exam can be given the normal working life. It will also help in avoiding the long writing hours that result in aching hands. The exams are conducted using spreadsheets and text editors.


Now let’s have a look at the benefits to the organizational/universities.


  • It eliminates the need of arranging the invigilators in person and even the test centers. It has resulted in lowering the administration expenses. It has not only saved them money but also saved time for conducting exams
  • Exams now can be run on a larger scale and more frequently. The organization only needs to make an exam window in which the candidates will appear for the exam. This has also enabled the organization to take exams of the candidates not only across the country but at the global level.
  • The proctoring software has increased the security, as it has now become very hard t cheat when the invigilators are unseen. If the system finds anything wrong in the behavior of the candidate, it can either give him a red alert or can disqualify the candidate.
  • The unseen invigilators keep a continuous check on the candidate’s behavior via large video screens the online exam is also recorded in any case of the issue from the candidate the examining body can review the recorded video.
  • Online proctoring has reduced the pressure of taking exams and it is very useful for many universities as well as organizations.


So, we can see that these virtual proctoring are very beneficial on the part of both candidates and the exam takers. It has now become very important to stay in touch with the latest technology so that both the candidates and the exam takers can be benefited from the latest technology to the maximum extent. Virtual proctoring has made things possible that no one has ever imagined. It has led to the enhancement of the scope of both candidates and organizations. As the candidate can appear in the exam from anyplace and also the organization can take an exam of any candidate from any place of the country. the things you need are a proper system that is to be set up along with a strong internet connection.

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