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— Dewan Parvez Akhtar

The mystery behind Sushant Singh Rajput’s Suicide has sparked a row of debates, creating much hullabaloo over the age old topic of nepotism.

One has to be completely ignorant or living under a rock, to not acknowledge how it has suddenly become everybody’s favourite pastime to pass judgements about people.

With the unfortunate incident of the death of the Bollywood actor, people have suddenly turned into flag bearers of the new Mental Health Movement.

Although this isn’t the first incident where we’ve witnessed such hue and cry over the issue of nepotism in Bollywood, it certainly is the loudest!

So what brought this upon us?

Was is it just Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide or was it the collective anger, we hold against the very concept of nepotism?

The issue has been brewing inside the people’s minds for quite some time, but let us not get disheartened for not being able to arrive at a consensus, because there simply cannot be one.

Hence, is it right on our part to be pointing fingers at nepotism? Isn’t there a broader issue at hand that needs our immediate attention?

Let’s discuss the complexities of Mental Health; apparently talking about depression is still a taboo in India, even in the year 2020. We still audaciously look down upon people who seek psychiatric help and that is what could have possibly forced the budding superstar to bring his life to such an abrupt end. But like I said before, we can never be sure.

Although this is an awakening of massive proportions, the questions being asked at this hour and the fingers being pointed, in my opinion, are wrong. Aren’t these keyboard warriors championing the cause of mental health drawing their swords against nepotism conveniently l turning a blind’s eye to thousands of suicides committed by lesser mortals every single day?

Besides, unlike in some suicide cases where victims leave behind a note citing their reasons to self destruct, Sushant Singh Rajput did not.

We 130 crore Indians can brood and fret and speculate all we want, but we will never be able to get to the root of the cause, because Sushant himself didn’t leave behind leads.

Unless you have been a victim of depression yourself or have personally known someone who had to go through the trauma, you wouldn’t realise how often people casually try to find an underlying problem behind it. What most people don’t know is that a specific problem or cause isn’t a prerequisite condition for depression, just how smoking isn’t the only one behind lung cancer.

Holding nepotism accountable for the untimely demise of the actor and justifying our call to ban movies of selected actors who, according to popular opinion ‘can’t act’ and are promoted because of their surnames is a pretty mindless thing to do.

People must realize that the entertainment industry is an open market, like most other industries in the world. Just like all sorts of economic activities that flourish, the entertainment industry too, abides by the simple laws of economics determined by a balance between supply and demand.

Without any substantial content or talent, these producers will continue churning out unintelligible, gibberish pieces under the pretence of entertainment.

This is only possible because it’s the demand that dictates the supply and not the other way round. Why do we think certain news channels have the audacity to flash senseless news in the wake of a tragedy and still get away with it? It is because we crave for it. We have always had a penchant for tragedies so long as they aren’t ours; it’s inherent in our nature.

So, before raising our voice against nepotism, we must begin with restraining ourselves from indulging in the consumption of stupidity in the form of entertainment shows like Big Boss and films like Student Of The Year 2 which I can never call cinema.

Right now we’re just stoking the flames of a crusade against nepotism without even realising that those “star-kids” never asked to be followed or worshipped; we chose to do it!

It’s time to act on the proverb ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’.

Disclaimer: Views are personal.

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