East Siang DA issues Advisory as water level rises; DC Reviews situation with IRT

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Following heavy rainfall for the last one week, the Siang River, and its tributaries are in full spate. DC Dr. Kinny Singh, reviewed the situation on Tuesday with Incident Response Team, IRT of the district. As reported by the WRD department and ADC, Mebo, the embankment at Sigar in Mebo Sub-Division have also been breached by 275 metres and 300 metres from Zero Point due to scouring, while crossing of the danger mark at 155 metres.

The district administration while reviewing the situation with the Incident Response Team, Central Water Commission (CWC) and WRD has directed to furnish four-hourly reports. All Incident Commanders have been directed to furnish a daily situation report at 3.30 PM for corrective measures.

DC has directed WRD department for drone survey and immediate rectification measures of the embankment at Sigar, for flood control damage.

EE PWD has been directed for ensuring road connectivity, while EE PMC has been directed for cleaning and desilting of drains for urban flood control management. An urban flood control management cell comprising of EE PMC, EAC (Judl), CO (Sadar), FO (DM)  and OC PS Pasighat will be responsible for Urban Flood management and mitigation. CEO, Smart City has been directed to install portable dewatering pumps in Pasighat township. DFCSO to ensure availability of essential food supplies. The DEOC have alerted all Admin Officers and outposts for any disaster response.

DC Issues advisory not to venture near the rivers and streams

DC East Siang in an Advisory has cautioned the general public not to venture near the Siang, rivers and streams during such period of heavy rainfall for swimming, fishing or any other activity to avoid any eventualities.

The East Siang District Administration has also advised people living in the low lying areas along the river banks, particularly, Sigar, Borguli, Seram, Kongkul, Namsing, Mer, Jarku, Paglek, SS Mission, Jarkong, Banskota and Berung and other areas to remain alert, and not to panic.

The administration has directed that driftwood and any other vegetative materials carried down by the river and deposited along the banks should not be lifted, as they would serve as natural barriers against flood. Action will be initiated against violators under Section 188 IPC and other relevant provisions of the law.

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