Arunachal Pradesh: Active Covid cases reduced to zero in East Siang

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 The active COVID-19 cases in the East Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh have today reduced to zero, after five patients tested negative for the second consecutive time. The district administration lauding the efforts of the various departments expressed hope that the people will comply with the guidelines issued by the administration to ensure their safety and security.

As per a press release issued by the Directorate of Public Relation, the five patients were discharged from the DCH, Pasighat on Sunday after their second consecutive samples tested ‘Negative’, reducing the active COVID cases to zero in the district.

Deputy Commissioner, Dr. Kinny Singh appreciated the untiring combined efforts of administration, police, health department, CBOs, NGOs and various stakeholders who worked in high risk situation. She expressed hope that people will follow the guidelines framed by the government as well as by the administration.

Jt. DHS Dr. D. Raina informed that it was a pleasant moment for all of them to discharge all patients. On June-24 last the BPGH started using TrueNat tests for conducting confirmatory tests on Covid-19 patients before discharging them from the hospital. “TrueNat- a diagnostic machine as effective as Reverse Transcription- Polymerace Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test, a laboratory method used for detecting coronavirus. After installation of the machine in the CT Scan building in BPGH, we are able to get results within 2-3 hours instead of sending samples outside and waiting for at least one week”, informed Dr. Raina.

DMO Dr. Kaling Dai stated that now the onus was on the people to change their behaviour and adopt healthy and hygienic lifestyle by wearing masks in public places, avoiding gathering, ensuring hand sanitization and above all by not stigmatizing people who suffer from the disease because he or she is very much one of us.

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