Locals in Arunachal constructs hanging bridge


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Local organizations in Arunachal Pradesh have joined hands to construct a hanging bridge over the Jeb Koro river in Upper Sunbansiri District that was washed away by flood waters.

As per local reports, the original bridge was washed away by the recent floods triggered by incessant rains in the state. It has further disrupted road connectivity to the villages of Gitreripa Circle.

Transportation of people and essential commodities to the villages would be badly affected as it is likely to take days to restore the bridge. However, the local organization United Youth Front Dumporijo(UYFD) joined hands with other organizations like the Bely Biyak Dere Youth Association (BBDYA) and Primary Level Federation (PLF) women self help group of Giteripa circle and successfully constructed new hanging bridge for the needy villagers without any Government aid.

The hanging bridge of Jeb Koro River connects many villages of Heche clan and Lodu clan, inhabitants of Giteripa circle at the 26th Dumporijo constituency.

The bridge serves as a strategic route for the movement of people, transportation of essential commodities, medical needs for the people Giteripa circle.

Hence, to restore the connectivity and mitigate the problems the bridge was required to be connected. The local organization took it to themselves and constructed a new hanging bridge for the needy villagers on Saturday.

The local organisations were also lauded by the Union Minister of State (Ind Charge) for Development of North Eastern Region, DoNER, Jitendra Singh. In a tweet the Minister said, “Amidst lockdown, local organizations construct bridge over Jeb Koro river in Upper Subansiri District. The hanging bridge was washed away by flooding waters few days back.”

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