COVID-19: Meghalaya to close all entry points to state from July 24-31

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The Meghalaya government has decided to close all entry points to the state from July 24 to 31 to intensify COVID-19 surveillance, as its caseload rose to 354 on Thursday with 16 more security personnel testing positive for the infection, officials said.

Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma said only people engaged in essential services will be permitted to enter the state during the period. “To reduce the burden on our health workers and administration engaged in intensive surveillance for the past four months, the state government has decided to close all the entry points to the state from July 24 to 31,” he said.

The entry points of Byrnihat, Ratacherra, Bajengdoba, Tikrikilla, Mirjumla and Hallidayganj will be shut during the period. They will be reopened on August 1, Sangma said, adding that the one at Byrnihat will be shifted to a new location to ensure smooth movement of traffic.

The state government has also decided not to allow wedding receptions in the districts of East Khasi Hills and Ri Bhoi for the time being, he said. “Only solemnisation of marriages in places of worship will be permitted, with strict adherence to social distancing norms,” the chief minister said. The decision in this regard comes after 10 of the 41
people who had attended a wedding reception tested positive for COVID-19. As many as 200 primary contacts of the patients were identified and isolated during a two-day lockdown imposed in Shillong.

The 16 fresh cases registered in the past 24 hours include nine Army and four Assam Rifles jawans, and three Border Security Force (BSF) personnel, Director of Health Services, Aman War, said. The fresh infections have taken the number of active cases in the state to 305, while two patients have died, he said. A BSF personnel has recovered from COVID-19, taking the total number of persons cured of the disease to 47, War added.

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  • Ranjit Singha
    July 17, 2020 8:43 am

    The Entry gate to North East require to be fastener,
    it was the desire of Modi Ji to Transform Assam under the 6th Schedule territory of India, Infect PCR1997, prescribed ST to six tribes of Assam. Certainly, Assam will be under six scheduled for the more glorious welfare of all, as it’s attached to many adjacent nations.. But the immediate system of Assam obtained a concept call Group of Minister’s report. It held PCR1997 for a more sustained duration of interval under the lion of Gr Of Minister Report(GMR).
    Maybe one of the primary reason to Stop PCR1997 in the name of GMR is that CAA needs to be implemented so that our neighboring nation friends can get citizenship of India even without a document or even without any medical examination,
    To the best of my knowledge, there is no clause mention in the CAA about the necessity of any medical exam to admit such person as a citizen of India, a higher degree of autonomy is given to the friends of the specific neighboring nation than that of the indigenous community of Assam, I am referring to the six communities of Assam. They are demanding ST from an Eternal time. Infect Koch Rajbongshi community is demanding ST since 1972. The matter of fact, they got ST for two times under the ordinance provision. The sad part is Media professional is not much aware of the Parliamentary Commission Report of 1997 for the six communities of Assam; neither they are aware of the Group of Minister’s report, which is holding the PCR1997 and infect people are not aware what is stopping PCR1997. I don’t blame the Government of India; they had executed what needed to be done in early 1997. But it is our politician of Assam who is dragging the matter in the name of GMR, and by this innocent youth, career is being dragged to eternity. Such dirty politics is befalling in our state and not in New Delhi. Anyway, this filthy statesmanship is costing to a greater society. Thereby we do not have the stipulation of Inner line permit like Meghalaya for Assam or preferably the whole of Assam. For the greater good for a prolonged duration, there needs a robust solution for Assam alike that of the inner line permit like that of Meghalaya, and this can only proceed when the Six community of Assam gets ST and Assam comes under the ambit of the six schedules of the Indian conformity, and then ILP is conceivable for Assam.
    Assam being the gateway to NE, they need more restraint and symmetry.


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