Twelve Bangladeshi nationals stranded at International Border: BSF

NET News Desk

At least 12 Bangladeshi nationals were intercepted by a Border Security Force BSF patrol on July 11 along the India Bangladesh (IB) border in Tripura.

In a press statement issued by the BSF, Tripura it has mentioned that the group comprising 4 females, a male and 7 children — were traced near Border Pillar No. 2039/12-S. During enquiry by BSF party, they revealed that they all are resident of Cumilla District in Bangladesh.

Accordingly a company commander-level flag meeting was held with Border Guards of Bangladesh (BGB) followed by a battalion commander-level meeting, however, the BGB is “delaying” the identity confirmation of their 12 citizens stranded at the India-Bangladesh international border (IB) in Tripura for the last six days, the Border Security Force said on Thursday.

As per the release, “During the meeting, BGB Commander denied to accept those 12 Bangladeshi Nationals as they were not in possession of any valid documents to establish their identity as Bangladeshi Nationals. However, BGB assured that verification of their addresses will be carried out and thereafter suitable decision will be taken. But, no satisfactory reply was received from BGB.”

The BSF said it had handed over, after a battalion commander level meeting on July 14, supporting documents as evidence that proved the identity of the 12 stranded Bangladeshi nationals.

The documents included their photographs, home address, family tree chart and a CD that contained voice and video conversation between one of the stranded Bangla citizen Kulsum Bibi (60) with her son who resides in Bangladesh, the BSF said.

“But, still BGB did not respond with some positive outcome. As per the understanding between the BSF and BGB, women and children apprehended at the international border have to be handed over or accepted by either force subject to confirmation of their nationality, immediately after apprehension, treating them as victims of human trafficking,” stated the release.

“However, Bangladesh authorities have been delaying such confirmation despite evidences handed over to BGB by BSF during the Commandant level flag meeting,” the BSF said.

Hence, the 12 Bangladeshi nationals are still stranded on the border and they are being provided basic amenities by the BSF and locals on humanitarian grounds, the press release added.