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Music is the answer to a lot of questions. When you are happy, you can play a song and dance to it. When you are feeling blue, you can listen to a soothing song or let out your feelings through by singing a song. It has also proved to be a powerful medium to convey a message or spread awareness. This very tool has been seen to be implemented by the Police departments lately. The police authorities across the country, every now and then, have come up with creative content to spread awareness. Music is one of the tools they have been experimenting with lately. Some musical content by the police authorities of the Northeastern states have been gathering applauses. Right from encouraging people to quit drugs to awareness on social distancing, these Khakee tunes have become a latest trend which has been well embraced by the public.

Meghalaya Police Department came up with a song to spread awareness among people to live a drug free life. They chose John Lennon’s iconic song ‘Imagine’ and renditioned it into ‘The Khaki Vibes’. “ continuation of our awareness campaign, under the guidance of Shri
R. Chandranathan, IPS, DGP, we are launching an Awareness Video Song, by ‘The Khaki Vibes’,” the department wrote and shared the video on their social media platforms. The song was widely appreciated and shared on social media platforms. The execution was simple but effective.

On similar lines the Nagaland Police department too put their 15th NAP(IR) Mahila band to rock the stage with a message to blow out the craze of drug addiction. Their song started like Robert Frost’s poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ describing two roads- “Don’t get addicted, there are two roads to live your life, which one will you choose”. This female band in uniform set the stage on fire. Along with the message, it was enthralling to watch them perform.

Assam Police have been sharing some trippy campaigns on their social media platforms to spread various social message. One of the widely appreciated campaign was a video Bihu song emphasising on social distancing. The song was performed by Police officials wearing ‘Gamusas’ around their necks. The song was released ahead of the Bohag Bihu which marks the beginning of the Assamese new year. This partcular bihu is the most important one from the rest and celebrated with great pomp and gay. However, the outbreak of Covid-19 changed the scenario. Hence, to make the ‘Bihu Boliya’ (Bihu crazy) public understand that huge gathering during Bihu celebrations can lead to social transmission, the police department came up with this beautiful Bihu song.

Manipur Police Jazz Band in their blue suits with melodious voices and music were a treat to both eyes and ears. Their song stressing on the lines “It’s amazing that I have finally seen the light” reflects the aftermath of breaking the addiction which is full of peace and happiness. This all men band together with the song emit the positivity and encouragement that was much needed during these trying times.

Arunachal Pradesh Police also shared a music video on their social media platform with a motive to spread the word on the issue of drug addiction. The video featured a song in hindi with important messages in between from dignitaries like Chief Ministerofthestate Pema Khandu, Governor Brig. B.D. Mishra (Retd) and DGP Arunachal R.P.Upadhayay. Through the music video, it has been informed that many young boys have been rescued from the clutches of drug addiction by the Anti- Drug Squad intitiative of Lower Dibang Valley District Police. All the boys are not only free from drug addiction but also have been employed by a PSU owing to the efforts of Lower Dibang Valley District Police.

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