Appeal To Stop Mining Of Chromite And Limestone In Urkhul, Kamjong, Tengnoupal And Chandel Districts Of Manipur

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The Eastern Himalayan Youth Coordinating Committee on Climate Change (EHYCCCC), expressed concern to the Government of Manipur, India and the extractive industries to rethink, revisit and stop the mining across the hill ranges of Manipur.

In a press communiqué issued by the EHYCCCC said it is deeply concerned on the approach of the Government of Manipur, Government of India and Extractive Industries/ Companies to initiate mining of Limestone, Chromite, Nickel, Copper, Malachite, Azurite and Magnetite and various platinum group of elements (PGE) which are deposited along the hill range of Ukhrul District, Kamjong District, Tengnoupal, Chandel District and various parts of Manipur which will destroy large scale forest covered area and will contribute to climate change.

It states that various scientists have already warned that the Eastern Himalayan will be the most vulnerable due global climate crisis, therefore, it is high time for the Government of Manipur, India and the extractive industries to rethink, revisit and stop the mining across the hill ranges of Manipur.

“To recover the lost economy of India due to the Covid19 pandemic by sacrificing the indigenous peoples land which are rich in natural resource by initiating the extraction of Natural Resources is a threat to right to lives of the indigenous peoples inhabited across the hill ranges of Manipur bordering to Myanmar as the indigenous peoples are dependent on the forest, river and mountains. Extracting the natural resources deposited in the land of the indigenous people without the proper knowledge and concern of the people is considered as one of the strategic step of Government of India, Manipur and other extractive MNC to suppress the right of the indigenous people. Further, it will adversely impact to the indigenous peoples inhabited in the border area of Myanmar due to dumping of toxic waste from the mining sites to the small streams and rivers which flows down to Myanmar,” stated the communiqué.

The Committee further claimed that the Government of Manipur, India and extractive industries have failed to obtain Free Prior and Informed consent of the indigenous peoples and also have failed to follow and respect certain guidelines laid down under the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. “It failed to conduct ground survey to assess the Human Rights Impact Assessment, Cumulative Impact Assessment, etc.”

“We already have learned from the incident of Baghjan, Assam on the 27th of May, 2020 where the Oil India Ltd drilled crude oil and caught fire which displaced more than 1600 household, polluting the river, lake and a wildlife sanctuary. Also in Jaintia Hill of Meghalaya where 8 cement factories are located and also the coal mining, which pollutes the rivers flowing down to Bangladesh due to dumping of toxic waste,” read the communiqué.

The Committee demanded the Government of Manipur, GOI and the Extractive Industries to immediately stop the mining of Chromite and Limestone across the hill ranges of Urkhul, Kamjong, Tengnoupal and Chandel, Districts of Manipur and to conduct Human Rights Impact Assessment and Cumulative Impact Assessment.

It further appealed to respect the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the UN Declaration on Rights of indigenous peoples and to respect the rights of the indigenous peoples.

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