Arunachal Pradesh: World Nature Conservation Day marks massive plantation by NCC

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On the occasion of World Nature Conservation Day, a tree plantation drive was conducted by 22 Arunachal Pradesh (Independent) Company NCC, Pasighat. A total of 40 cadets from JN College, DEM GHSS, IGJ GHSS, ANOs, Care Takers and staff of NCC Pasighat wholeheartedly participated in the drive. The drive was conducted keeping in view the COVID-19 norms.

A large number of ornamental, fruit and shady plants were planted by the cadets. The importance of trees in maintaining the delicate environmental balance was explained to the cadets.

World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated on 28 July annually around the world to increase awareness about protecting natural resources and to make people understand the importance of the conservation of nature. It recognises that a healthy environment is the foundation for a stable and productive society. This day also ensures the well-being of present and future generations.

Col Pratim Kumar Hembrom, Officer Commanding NCC Pasighat who also participated in the event, stated that it is a crucial step towards “Clean and Green India”. He exhorted the NCC cadets to come forward to make India Green and Pollution free and encouraged them to plant at least one tree on their birthday as a token of their gratitude to the mother nature. He also thanked DFO Pasighat for providing saplings to make this event successful and hoped to receive continuous support from them even in future.

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