NEP 2020 is the need of the Decade: Arunachal Shiksha Vikas Samiti

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The Arunachal Siksha Vikas Samiti welcomes the New Education Policy (NEP 2020) approved by the Union Cabinet on 29th July.

Referring it as a meticulously crafted and vividly drafted vision document the Samiti said it is the urgent need of the decade in the field of education. “This policy provides for changes in both the structure and content that would rejuvenate the national educational system, replenish the energies of the youth to restore their self reliance and re-establish the supremacy of our country in the arena of education, knowledge and wisdom, “ said a press statement issued by the Bodong Yirang President of Arunachal Siksha Vikas Samiti.

Formulating strategies and programmes for Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE) in coordination with the other ministries will strengthen and streamline the pre-school nurturing of our children. This is a stage where our children first experience differences and discriminations in the society in terms of nutrition, health care and a healthy environment.  The attention of the Government and inclusion of this stage in the educational policy and framework is truly constructive and commendable, it said.

The new pedagogical and curricular structure of 5+3+3+4 clearly envisages the age-based requirements of children and provides for different and distinguished levels of child care and learning methodologies.

“The Key Principles like Respect to Diversity & Local Context provides for recognition and identity to the wise and popular practises followed in our villages which were so far beyond the horizons of recognition as teach-worthy.”

Highlighting the importance of the introduction of Multilingualism and emphasis on Mother-Tongue as a medium of instruction preferably up to Class VIII or at least up to Class V, the Samiti said, “it gives hope and scope not only for saving our local dialects from extinction, but to enrich and scientifically develop them into languages so as to be the medium of instructions at the foundational & preparatory levels of education.”

It further stated that the drafting of Textbooks with local context and flavour will also help in exploring, exposing and espousing the exemplary practises of the indigenous faith, culture and tradition. Reduction in curricular content to enhance essential learning and critical thinking will reduce the size and weight of school bags and the burden of the teachers.

“It will ensure holistic enquiry based learning. Incorporation of subjects such as physical education, Art & Crafts and Vocational skills as well as the absence of hard separation among curricular, extracurricular and co-curricular activities or among the academic streams of Humanities, Science and Vocational Education will provide more choices and chances for the learners to choose their career as per their tastes and traits.,” the statement added.

On the importance of Teacher Education, the Samiti asserted that emphasis on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for teachers and introduction of at least 50 hours of Training to every teacher every year is expected to make the teachers more resourceful and tactful to effectively mend their students without blaming and complaining.

Reformations in the areas of higher education with multi disciplinary institutions and courses as well as recommendations for more autonomy and self reliance to Universities and colleges will enhance the quality level of higher learning. Opening of campuses by foreign universities will promote competition among universities and competencies among their students. “We also sincerely expect the universities, colleges and other institutions of higher education to be more a hub of academic excellence than being a centre of communal grooming and antinational agitations,” mentioned the press statement.

“The most important feature of the NEP 2020 is that it is Bharat (India) centric in its approach, deriving from a pan-Indian outlook with regard to the content, context and commitment. If effectively implemented, it will surely make our coming generation more national, rational and emotional to Ane Bharat, i.e. Mother India

Arunachal Shiksha Vikas Samiti whole heartedly welcomes the New Education Policy and commits to contribute towards its effective implementation in our state as far as possible,” said the statement.

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