1962 Chinese War ankho dekha-II ; Hav Shere Thapa deserves Param Vir Chakra, says Col


Pradeep Kumar

In continuation of the letter received from Col Amar Patil, VSM, (Retd), who took part in 1962 Chinese war as 2/Lt of 2 J&K Rifles by post from Pune on August 3 was mind boggling.

Read the first part of the letter here:

1962 Chinese War ankho dekhi -1; Hav Shere Thapa deserves Param Vir Chakra, says Col

As Col Patil (Rtd) account relates to history and the truth about 1962 war is still gathering dust in defence ministry safe custody, I decided to reproduce the letter for all to know.

Sub: No 13710603WHav Shere Thapa of 2 JAK RIF; the saviour of Subansiri Sector of NEFA (Arunachal Pradesh) in 1962 War  with China deserves the gallantry award of Param Vir Chakra for displaying exemplary dedication, valour of the highest order and supreme sacrifice for successfully thwarting aggression of the Chinese Army.

2/Lt Patil at Taliha

The locals also informed that the Chinese army had buried Hav Shere Thapa at the site with honour and had erected a memorial with a wooden board with Chinese inscriptions praising the valour and sacrifice. This was a rare and unique gesture by enemy appreciating the adversary in the history of warfare.

In the meantime, Maj Gen M S Pathania, GOC, 2Mtn Div visited Tac HQ by helicopter but could not land due to bad weather. He wrote order for immediate withdrawal and dropped it at the post in a cigarette pocket and flew away. Thus, 2JA RIF had to carry out tactical withdrawal to Taliha.

The very brave fight given by the PP under command of Shere Thapa to the Chinese Army resulted in inflicting very heavy casualties which thwarted further aggression and saved Subansiri Sector. Hav Shere Thapa emerged as the savior of the sector.

The very significant battle of the Protective Patrol of 2 JAK RIF commanded by Hav Shere Thapa and his brave men on 18.11.1962 had achieved the result of great magnitude of saving Subansiri Sector consisting of Upper and Lower Subansiri districts of Arunachal Pradesh from further Chinese Army aggression.

Hav Shere Thapa had achieved this phenomenal success by displaying exceptional bravery and extreme sacrifice. Now it appears that the magnificent success achieved by Hav Shere Thapa and his men on Chinese Army lost sight of in the fog of war in the light of extremely heavy losses suffered by our Army in Tawang and Walong sectors. This resulted in the brave soldiers not receiving due recognition and rewards that they so well deserved.

I feel that Hav Shere Thapa and his men are required to be given the honour that they deserve by giving them appropriate gallantry awards even at this belated stage by taking up a special case by Govt of Arunachal Pradesh with GOI. Such action will redeem honour not only of the very brave soldiers but also of Arunachal Pradesh. I request you to kindly take up the case in appropriate manner to give proper Justice to the saviors or Upper and Lower Subansiri districts of Arunachal Pradesh, as also to eliminate the anguish felt by public. Even so as the Chinese Army had given due honour to Hav Shere Thapa by erecting a memorial for his extreme bravery and sacrifice.

The excellent report dated 30 June, 2019 written by you reveals that you look up to Hav Shere Thapa with dignity and feel sorry that he and his brave men have not received proper recognition for the significance of the result of great magnitude achieved by their total dedication, ultimate bravery and supreme sacrifice not only for the nation but also for Arunachal Pradesh.

I personally feel that Hav Shere Thapa and his gallant men deserve to be appropriately rewarded with gallantry awards even at this belated stage. I am sure that such recognition will remove the anguish of public and make them proud. I, therefore, request you to kindly take the initiative for taking up appropriate case with Govt. of India through the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh. I am making this request as you well know the dignitaries of Arunachal Pradesh.

As a matter of interest I would like to see your earlier report dated l8.10.2012, kindly forward copy.

Yours sincerely, Col Amar Patil, VSM (Concludes)




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