Assam Government asks Private schools to waive of 25% fee

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In view of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Assam government on Friday asked all the private schools to waive 25 per cent fee from pre-school to Class XII standard from May till the schools open, Education and Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said.

Sarma, who also holds the Finance portfolio, in a tweet said: “In view of Covid-19 pandemic, we have advised all private educational institutions to offer at least 25 per cent concessions in monthly fees (pre-primary to XII), from May 1 till formal opening of schools. These institutions are saving substantial expenditure under various heads.”

In an order issued by Principal Secretary in-charge of Elementary and Secondary Education Department, Government of Assam, it has asked the private schools to cut minimum 25 per cent fee from pre-school to Class XII from May till the schools open.

The order further stated, “In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Assam government is compelled to close the schools and colleges from March 16 and all the activities were under lockdown from March 23. The income of all the citizens of Assam has been badly affected and they are not in a position to afford payment of school fees till the lockdown period is over.”

It also mentioned that owing to the outbreak the private schools are conducting online classes, thereby the schools are saving substantial expenditure on various heads, including energy charges on electrical consumptions, transport and vehicular operation, cost of meal in case of residential and boarding schools, sports and games, management and operation of laboratories, computers, and reduction of expenses on cleaning and maintenance.

Hence the department expected that the educational institutes would serve the society without any profit motive and to minimize the miseries of the parents/guardians during the pandemic. It also said that parents pay the fees at the reduced rates at least till September 2020, so that the salaries of teaching and non-teaching staff can be paid.

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