Oil manages to cap Baghjan oil well, killing of the well ops on

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The capping of the Baghjan oil well No 5 in Tinsukia District has been capped successfully by Oil India Limited on Monday. Final killing operation of the oil well is underway.

The oil well which has caught fire following a blowout has finally been capped on Monday, after over 80 days of raging fire, by placing a Blow Out Preventer (BOP) stack on the wellhead, the company said. However, the preparation for the killing of the well is on.

As per reports, OIL spokesperson Tridiv Hazarika said that even though the capping operation has been completed successfully it does not mean that the fire has been doused from the oil well. He further added that the killing operations are underway.

A blowout preventer, or BOP, is a specially-designed valve that is mounted on top of the well during the drilling and completion stages of operation. The operator can close this valve to stop the flow of oil or gas in case of emergencies.

“The well capping operation was initiated on Monday and the Capping BOP Stack was successfully placed over the Well Head,” the company said in a statement. “The 16 studs have also been tightened. The preparations for killing operations are on. The BOP and the lines connected to it are being kept cool through continuous spraying of water.”

Earlier, two previous attempts to cap the well on July 31 and August 10 had failed.

OIL has managed to place the BOP over the gas oil that has been spewing gas since May 27, whilst causing damage to the biodiversity. This was followed by an inferno that has claimed the lives of two firefighters employed with Oil.

Foreign experts were roped in to contain the oil well, which faced another blowout on July 22. This also injured the experts.

In a statement issued by OIL on Tuesday, it has stated, “After yesterday’s successful capping operation, all arrangement for carrying out well killing operations of kill lines and choke manifold lines have been completed. Final killing operation (pumping in mud with high pressure into the well) is underway.”

A total of 2756 number of families have been surveyed for assessment of damage for compensation in Doomdooma and Tinsukia Circle put together. Oil stated, “Oil & Gas Production still continues to be affected due to forceful closure of few Oil & Gas wells connected to Baghjan EPS. Drilling and work over operation also continue to be affected at few of the locations due to forceful closure of operation. A total of 30,104 metric tonnes of Crude Oil and 71.01 million Metric St. Cubic Meter of Natural Gas have been lost respectively as a result of protests/blockades/bandhs in and around Baghjan area since May 27.”

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