Indian Footballer from Mizoram Helped a Sweet Shop in a ‘Sweet’ Way

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Lallianzuala Chhangte

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During this time of crisis, a little help from someone can go a long way.

Indian footballer from Mizoram, Lallianzuala Chhangte lent a helping hand to a sweet shop owner in his hometown Lunglei. As per reports the sweet shop was hit hard by the ongoing pandemic and was on the verge of shutting down. Hence, Chhangte came up with a unique and ‘sweet’ idea to help the sweet seller earn some money.

The sweet shop was special for the footballer as it was close to the ground where Chhangte used to train. The sweet seller would often share newer sweets with Chhangte while coming back from school and he would lunch at his place.

Seeing the sweet seller in trouble, Chhangte took up the initiative to help the family. The shop was specifically popular for Gulab Jamuns hence Chhangte thought to make use of this specialty to restore their business.

Chhangte gathered some youngsters who are a part of the reserve teams of various Indian Super League and I-League teams and started training. On the weekends they organized competitive matches and they floated the idea of the Gulab Jamun Cup as the prize. For the prize, the sweets were purchased in bulk thereby helping the seller.

“Having sweets is not allowed for us under any circumstance, but this is one way we have thought of helping out the shopkeeper here. If buying sweets can bring back the smile for him and his family then why not,” said Chhangte according to a report by Times Now. The sweets were distributed among the family and friends of the footballers.

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