Mizoram govt violating MHA directions by denying entry to security personnel: Assam Rifles

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The Assam Rifles in a statement has accused the Mizoram government of violating the directions of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) by allegedly restricting the “operational movement” of the paramilitary force in the state.

As per reports, the allegation came days after a section of media reported that 15 personnel of the Assam Rifles forced their way through a check gate at Vairengte on the Mizoram-Assam border by allegedly refusing to comply with the entry and screening protocol in place to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the state.

The government of Mizoram denying entry to Armed Forces in the state has “clearly violated” the directions of MHA, which has “serious implications for national security and is a cause of grave concern”, the statement said on Wednesday.

The guidelines issued by the MHA, has clearly made exceptions in respect of Defence and Central Armed Police Forces, it said.

Reportedly, the Mizoram government said in a letter, the act of “wilful disregard” of safety protocol on the part of Assam Rifles has “seriously compromised” the safety of the people and negated the sincere efforts of the state government to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The Assam Rifles statement said, “The restrictions imposed by the state government on the operational movement of Assam Rifles is seriously hampering the smooth functioning of the force impacting the primary task of guarding the border.”

The Assam Rifles has not caused any community spread of COVID-19 in the state and has been managing its coronavirus patients at its own quarantine centre at Zokhawsang near Aizawl, it said.

The statement further said that the state government had been approached several times and requested to pass suitable instructions at Vairangte entry gate and all other entry points to allow “unobstructed movement” of the armed forces.

Claiming that the personnel of the paramilitary force were not asked to undergo any medical test at Vairengte on August 18, the statement said, “Assam Rifles has always assured the state government that all its personnel entering the state will be put through the mandatory COVID-19 quarantine protocols and has never denied to undergo any medical test by state medical authorities.”

Meanwhile, the state Home Department in a letter to Brigadier Vinod S, the DIG of 23 sector Assam Rifles, on Wednesday informed him about the security personnel crossing the state border without complying to medical screening at the check gate.

The DIG was urged to ensure that such an act was not repeated by Assam Rifles personnel at a time when the state is coping with the rising number of COVID-19 cases.

The letter said, on Tuesday, at least 15 Assam Rifles personnel from 46 Battalion “forced” their way through the border gate allegedly refusing to comply with the entry and medical screening protocol set up by the state government.

“Despite various regulations, orders, guidelines and instructions issued by the state government and repeated appeals to curtail avoidable inter-statement movement of troops, the Assam Rifles has been less cooperative,” the letter said.

The entry of as many as 1,124 Assam Rifles personnel was facilitated from May to August 10 and 10 per cent of them have tested positive for COVID-19, the letter said.

Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga had earlier appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to temporarily withhold inter-state movement of all paramilitary personnel during August to contain the further spread of COVID-19 after a large number of coronavirus cases in the state were found among personnel of the security forces, a separate statement issued by the department said.

According to the Health Department as on Thursday, at least 339 security personnel have tested positive for COVID-19 so far, accounting for 38.83 per cent of the total 873 cases.

Of the 339 security personnel, 101 were from the Assam Rifles, 230 from BSF and four each from the CRPF and the Army, it said.

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  • They are running away from Covid 19 screening

    All the vehicles entering Mizoram is screened by covid screening team…In Mizoram this armed forces and worker outside mizoram are the main people who are covid 19 positive

    This Assam Rifle are also to be tested but are scared and fled away as soon ah possible to avoid the test…btw no such emergency is happening in Mizoram

  • The blockage was made because of the pandemic precautions, they were told to take swab test samples as it is compulsory due to the situation we face today. If one of the military personnel was covid positive, does that mean that he can freely spread the disease into the land? Does the government encourage the spread of Covid 19 in different states? I don’t think so, dont try to play the victim while you are clearly the ones who are doing wrong. No one is above the law, not even military personnel. Remember that, we will not keep silent about this incident.

  • Joseph Lalzarliana
    August 22, 2020 2:18 am

    Are you not going to publish the letter sent by the Home Minister Govt.of . Mizoram to the authorities in New Delhi? Why are you only circulating one side of the story? Are you trying to be deliberately biased?

  • Puia Khawlhring
    August 22, 2020 1:23 am


    Assam rifles’ vehicles violate the mizoram state govement’s guidlines in the last tuesday at Vairengte checkgate near Mizoram-Assam state boudary line.

    At Vairengte town, Mizoram State goverment is taking a strick stringent policy an measure to avoid the spreading of coronavirus and there, medical squad and mizoram police have been stationed for the last three months. They were having sreening test for each and every persons who is coming from outside mizoram befor entering mizoram.

    In the last Tuesday. Just like uneducated and Untrained Army, they willingly pass over the screening point and police checkgate and yet they did not have a screening test before the medical team.

    The brutal and Jungle manner of AR sepoy spread all over mizoram and this bad news alert all the peoples in mizoram and the state goverment official alike.

    Meanwhile, The recently elected Rajya Sabha MP Shri K Vanlalvena immediatly telephoned the Brigidier General at Aizawl city who was in a Saiha town on official duty, a town located in a southern most part of mizoram.

    Shri K Vanlalvena told the brigidier general to make an action and asked to mention the reason why te AR sepoys act against the state guidlines regarding the fighting of coronavirus spreading in the State.

    He also told the brigidier general that he would summit a memorundum to the president of india to safeguard the pride of the civil goverment and the peoples of mizo too.

    Mr K Vanlalvena said the force must obeyed the state govement guidlines to fight covid 19 the force should co-operate with the Civil Administration he added.

    The Brigidier General, on official duty at Saiha, requested The MP to give him a shorth duration. The brigidier told the MP that he would return to the state capital-Aizawl and would discuss the subject as early as possible.

    C Lalṭhazuala.

  • Perhaps Northeast Today also need to cover the other side of the story for the readers to have a balanced understanding of the incident. The version which says that it was a pre-planned maneuver on the part of AR which deputed from Aizawl 25 armed soldiers in a 407 truck along with a captain accompanying in a black colored vehicle to intimidate the police at the inter state border check post so as to give a safe passage to their truck coming in from Assam. Wonder if you heard of this version as well?Well , now you do. Moreover, the quarantine centre at Zokhawsang for AR personnel came into operation only after they had replenished a great deal of civil resources at Zoram Medical College and other Covid Care Centres meant for civilians. Even as of 20th August , paramilitary personnels make up 371 of the 873 cases in the state. Of which 101 of the cases alone are AR personnels. The routine movement of paramilitary personnels in and out of the state continues while Mizoram holds the distinguished ⁸position of being referred to as the most peaceful state in the country, a claim we take pride in . Guess it’s time the safety of the people is given priority in these trying times. Is it that difficult for AR to go by the protocols laid down by the State government to safeguard it’s people?? And they call themselves ” Friend of the hill people” . What an irony!!

  • No one is above the law especially this pandemic time firstly if they are the arm force police they should known and care about the local people and their laws for the safety. Secondly the central arm force police doesn’t mean they are above the law. The proud arm force police must respect our Mizo police. Do not blame our Mizo govt they tried their best to protect it citizens from the deadly virus. Anyone who are entering to mizoram must have a covid19 test whether they are ministers or Labourer etc. This time is not to show their power. They should have stop and respect our Mizo police and local peoples. Why do they run away when they stop them in the check gate? This is disrespectful to us.

  • 😡

  • Chhuantea Jahau
    August 21, 2020 7:53 pm

    Why is it so hard for Assam rifles to understand that Covid-19 is a pandemic and that it effect almost everyone and change lives around the world. The level of ignorance and uncooperative behavior of Assam rifle must be condemned by the people of India. I suggest they should be on the national news! While each and everyone must do our own part to fight the pandemic Assam rifle professionalism has gone lower than some politicians. Please fix yourself and work together with the local, State government at this time. You should and must cooperate with the state government you reside with when you can’t fight coronavirus with your ammunition and artillery. Its called common sense Period!

    • 🔥how many times Assam rifles and BSF violated covid protocol as if they can do whatever they want. Majority of covid case in Mizoram are BSF and AR.


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