Entire Lall Bazaar Area in East Sikkim Declared as Containment Zone

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With new COVID-19 positive cases have been detected in the Lall Bazaar Area area of East Sikkim district which may become a probable hotspot of COVID-19 the District Disaster Management Authority, East Sikkim hereby direct the containment of the following area due to COVID-I9 positive cases reported in this area, to prevent the further spread of COVID-19

Containment Zone area:

Lall Bazaar Area

Area Bounded by:

Denzong Cinema Hall

Mini Super Hall

Butcher Shop

Ladenla Building

I. The Incident Commander, Robin Sewa shall establish clear entry and exit points from the containment zone for strict perimeter control. All vehicular movement and personnel movement except for persons/vehicles involved in essential services, medical emergencies will be completely stopped. All roads including rural roads connecting the containment zone shall be guarded 24 X 7 by Police. The Sub Divisional Police Officer concerned shall ensure sufficient deployment of Police personnel and setting up of barricades to seal the containment zone.

2. All residents of the aforementioned area shall strictly remain under home quarantine till further orders.

3. All persons entering the containment zone shall compulsorily wear face mask/cover. There shall be no movement of any person into or outside the containment zone except in cases of emergencies.

4. The incident Commander and Deputy Director/ Disaster Management shall provide PPEs to the Front Line Warriors (FLWs) working in the containment zone and ensure that the proper sanitisation of the plant premises are done by the company concerned.

5. The Medical Officer concerned shall engage necessary ASHA and Anganwadi Workers as necessary and list the contacts of all suspect/laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-1 9 in the area and map the contacts to determine the potential spread of the disease.
The in-charge of the plant shall provide the list of such contacts to the incident Commander who shall ensure the quarantining of such contacts in appropriate quarantine centres.

Daily house to house active surveillance shall be performed in the containment zone.

All measures prescribed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in the Updated Containment Plan for Large Outbreaks (COV1D- 1 9) shall be strictly complied.

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