Manipur: Robbers loot bank in broad daylight

In what appears to be a well planned robbery, SBI Churachandpur was allegedly looted of approximately Rs 1.15 crore by a group of people earlier today.

According to sources, SBI staff in Churachandpur was allegedly shot at right in front of the branch in the incident, injuring a person that took place on Friday. The looted amount was supposed to be dispensed for ATMs in and around Churachandpur.

The incident took place, allegedly around noon, when armed men shot fire at the security guard of an ATM opposite to SBI branch office, Teddim road, the busiest branches of the bank in the town. The robbers escaped with the money on a bike, according to a source.

The person injured was from an outsourced agency who were supposed to deposit the money in ATM, sources said.

Police have allegedly taken all the outsourced staffs for questioning and further investigation.