Bhopal Man Throws Dog into Lake, Arrested

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A video of a man throwing a dog in a lake has left netizens fuming after it went viral on social media.

Following this act of cruelity, the police have arrested the accused Mohammed Salman and registered a case against him.

In the viral video, the 25-year-old is seen casually picking up a stray dog and then throwing it into the lake in Bhopal while the song ‘Tera Baap Aaya‘ from the movie Commando 3 plays in the background.

The accused, who is a resident of Kabarkhana Hanumanganj, was eventually arrested by Shyamla Hills police from Bhopal’s Qazi Camp area and a case was registered against him under Indian Penal Code Section 429 (mischief by killing or maiming any animal) and provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

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