NEHU Joint Action Committee protest against VC


The Joint Action Committee (JAC)  of North-Eastern Hill University Teachers’ Association (NEHUTA); North-Eastern Hill University Non-Teaching Staff Association (NEHUNTSA) and North-Eastern Hill University Students’ Union (NEHUSU), Shillong and Tura called for a protest walk on Wednesday to highlight all round failure of the Vice Chancellor Professor S.K. Srivastava in running the University. The Committee further demanded the immediate removal of the VC and urged the upon the Union Government to take immediate action against the VC.

The JAC further alleged that “financial mismanagement and corruption, academic and administrative impropriety by the VC reached to such an extent that it requires a detailed probe and action needs to be initiated without any further delay.”

It further asserted that the Academic Council meeting was held without a quorum; minutes of statutory bodies neither uploaded online nor finalized on time tied with manipulations of minutes of Executive Council, Board of Research Studies never convened in last five years, Audit report never presented before University Court and such other serious subversions of the statutory functioning of the University have destroyed the academic, administrative and financial propriety beyond all proportion.

JAC also alleged that an academic council meeting is convened by the VC without due notice period. They further stated the VC being in quarantine himself have violated COVID protocols. Moreover, he has convened an academic council, a few days before demitting the office. The JAC is raising the matter of such vital importance pertaining to the interests of students, teachers and the public.

Another glaring misdeed highlighted by JAC is to get a Chancellor appointed by the Government during Srivastava’s tenure. They stated that “it was deliberately ensured that there is no Chancellor so that his irregular action can’t be under any check and balance.”

“He has convened the next academic council meeting slated by him on 17 th without adequate notice as per University’s ordinance. Six days before his term coming to an end, he is blatantly violating University ordinance by not giving proper notice. In yet another flagrant instance of making university lose its money, Income Tax Department fined NEHU to the tune of 22 crores for not remitting income tax, although income tax is deducted at source. Just before demitting office his attempts to take major decisions like changing University’s ordinance and granting undue promotion and putting long term financial burden on the University are glaring instances of his abuse and misuse of the office of Vice Chancellor,” JAC said.

The JAC, further said that it will continue with its peaceful and democratic movement to impress upon the Authorities that under no circumstances Prof.S.K.Srivastava be given any extension. “We further demand that Prof.S.K.Srivastava must hand over the charge as per rule and demit his office on the due date. It will be a travesty of justice and truth if he is given any leeway to continue and the JAC will be forced to intensify its struggle in all possible democratic means,” it said.

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