Calling out all Cycling Enthusiasts of Guwahati to Start an Email Campaign for ‘India Cycles 4 Change Challenge’

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Calling out all cycling enthusiasts of Guwahati to start an email campaign to request the concerned authorities to take measures to create cycling infrastructure and make cycling safe for all.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, keeping in view the rise in cycling all over the country, had started the India Cycles 4 Change Challenge to encourage cities to initiate measures for creating cycling lanes and related infrastructure. Guwahati city led by Guwahati Smart City Limited had also registered for the challenge but not much has been done. Cities across the country are taking great measures.

The measures can be taken under the India Cycles 4 Change Challenge as it provides very detailed guidelines for Indian cities to initiate measures in consultation with the citizens and prepare cycling infrastructure within a defined timeline. The present covid-19 pandemic has encouraged many people to take up cycling as a healthy lifestyle activity. This is an opportunity for governments to take up measures that benefit the public.

As concerned citizens and active cyclists, of Guwahati, we can let the government know that Guwahati needs cycling lanes.

Please send an email to the following people.

 MD of Guwahati Smart City Limited –

 CC to Chief Minister of Assam –

 Guwahati Development Department Minister –

Below is the email that concerned citizens can send. Interested people can also add their own views.

Subject — Kindly take initiatives to participate in India Cycles 4 Change Challenge

To The Managing Director,
Guwahati Smart City Limited
Guwahati, Assam

Dear Sir

I would like to inform you that I am a cycling enthusiast from Guwahati.

I have noticed that since the last few years Guwahati has seen an increase of people taking up cycling as a health and fitness activity. The covid-19 pandemic interestingly acted as a catalyst and we saw a sharp increase in demand for cycling. All the cycle stores in the city quickly ran out of their stocks. And more importantly this has been a worldwide phenomenon.

I, along with the cycling community in the city, was very happy when we came to know about the India Cycles 4 Change Challenge launched by Ministry of housing and Urban Affairs and Smart Cities Mission. I also came to know that Guwahati along with 95 cities across India had registered to participate in this challenge.

I have read news about how cities like Kohima, Aizawl, Agartala in NE and Bengaluru, Faridabad, New Town Kolkata, Nagpur, Jabalpur, Bhopal, and many more, led by their city officials have taken some very innovative steps in consultation with their citizens to promote cycling in their cities for this challenge.

It is highly appreciable that these cities are taking up such measures while at the same time fighting covid19 that is plaguing the entire country. Encouraging and engaging with citizens to take up healthy activities and sustainable mode of transport to build up their immunity and reduce pollution & congestion is also an important step in the direction to fight covid-19. We are all in it together.

Guwahati being a smart city and the biggest city in the region should also take steps to participate in the challenge right away as there is still time to make the change. Due to reasons that I do not understand the Guwahati Smart City Limited has been led by 9 administrators in just 5 years. Many good proposals couldn’t be implemented as leaders changed frequently. Change in leadership should not stop development of citizen centric activities .

The India Cycles 4 Change Challenge encourages cities to take initiatives to promote cycling by engaging with the citizens, taking their views and suggestions, take up best practices while esigning cycling lanes as well as related activities and all these within a defined timeline.

This is the best time to initiate such measure as many people in Guwahati have taken up cycling during the Covid-19 pandemic and you can encourage them to continue cycling. We want our city to have dedicated and safe cycling lanes so that we can safely use our cycles for our work and the students can also go to their school or college. Now with the date extended till 14th December 2020, we have a good chance to make the desired changes.

I request you to kindly participate in the India Cycles 4 Change Challenge. I am eager to support your initiatives.

Thanking You,


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