Books on Ahom King Sukapha and Assam Kite King Chilarai released


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The first edition of the book ‘Sukapha and His Times’ and the third edition of ‘Chilarai and His Times’ authored by Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa, IAS (Retd.), Ex-Governor of Arunachal Pradesh and Ex-Chief Secretary, Government of Assam, were released on Friday.


The books were released by Dayananda Borgohain, Chairman of Assam Higher Secondary Education Council -cum- Vice Chairman of Sukapha Sammannay Kshetra and Haider Hussain, Senior Journalist and Ex-Editor of Asomiya Pratidin respectively, at a small book release function held at the Narikal Bari residence of Rajkhowa.


‘Sukapha and His Times’ (First Edition) is a historical biography on the adventurous Tai or Thai prince Sukapha (later King), who had traversed hundreds of miles, in mountainous terrains, extending over a period of 12 or 13 years, from his father’s kingdom Maulung in Yunan province on the bank of the Shewli in Upper Burma region. He entered the Brahmaputra valley, seeking better fortunes, accompanied by his supporting nobles, soldiers and others, about 1228 AD, after winning over local tribes encountered during the long arduous journey, through battles and peace initiatives. Finally, he zeroed upon Charaideo (presently in Sivasagar district), where he set up his capital and ruled as the undisputed leader upto1268 A.D before he died. Sukapha and his progenies, later known as the Ahoms, ruled over undivided Asom for next 600 years. This book attempts to deal with the multi-faceted life and personality of Sukapha, with some highlights on the Ahoms.


Generalissiomo Chilarai and His Times (Third Edition) is the first ever book written in English, on the legendary 16th century hero of many a battle. Yuvaraj Sukladvaj, most popularly known as Chilarai (the Kite King), the legendary Koch Generalissimo, who held the position of the Commander in Chief and the Dewan (Prime Minister) of Maharaj Naranarayana, the emperor of Kamata-Kamrup (1533–87). He is one of the greatest warrior heroes and most colourful personalities of all times. In the course of a single military expedition (1562–64), he conquered all the kingdoms of the Eastern Region of India, without facing a single defeat. He led a combined Army of 6,00,000 men comprising 5,32,000 land forces and two Naval Divisions, which by any standard, was a great achievement in itself. Even the great Napoleon commanded an Army of a little more or less the same strength, 250 years later, in 1812, when he invaded Russia, but met with total disaster. It was because of the invincible Chilarai, that during the reign of Naranarayana, neither the Afghans (Pathans) nor the Mughals succeeded in making any inroad into eastern India, beyond the Korotowa. Even the great 17th century warrior hero, Shivaji could not win so many laurels, as Chilarai did. This book focuses on the multi-faceted personality of Yuvaraj Sukladvaj alias Chilarai or Sangram Singha.


Both the books are published by ‘Blue Sparrow Books’ and are available for sale in



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