Ajit Kumar Bhuyan raises the issue of providing ST status to six communities in Assam in RS

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Assam Rajya Sabha member Ajit Kumar Bhuyan today raised the issue of providing Scheduled Tribe (ST), status to the six communities of Assam in his special mention in Rajya Sabha today.

Bhuyan who has been vocal about the inclusion of the six communities of Assam namely Tai Ahom, Koch-Rajbongshi, Moran, Mottock, Chutia and Adivasi (Tea) Tribes, into the Scheduled tribe (ST) list of Assam, has also earlier slammed the BJP led Central and State Government for not resolving the long standing demand of the people of the state in the name of vote bank politics.

Accordingly, Bhuyan along with the communities demanded that the said Bill is introduced and put for voting in the up-coming session of Rajya Sabha.

In the Rajya Sabha today, Bhuyan mentioned that the Six communities in Assam have been demanding the inclusion in the ST list for several decades and a bill was also introduced in 2019, he further questioned whether the government has any plan to introduce the Bill for inclusion of the six communities in ST list for voting.

In a tweet he further urged that the Ministry should perform a follow up action on any issue raised through Special Mention.

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