PWD in Assam Renamed to ‘Lok Nirman Bibhag’ from ‘Garhkaptani Bibhag’

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In an order issued by the Public Works Department on 23rd September, the name of the department has been changed to ‘Lok Nirman Bibhag’ from ‘Garhkaptani Bibhag’ in Assamese.

The order reads, “In the interest of public service and for administrative convenience, it has been decided to rename the Public Works Department in Assamese as ‘Lok Nirman Bibhag’ in place of ‘Garhkaptani Bibhag’.”

“Henceforth, Public Works Department in Assamese will be known as Lok Nirman Bibhag instead of Garhkaptani Bibhag from the date of issue of this notification,” it added.

“This is issued with the approval of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Assam and Hon’ble Minister, PWD etc,” it further stated.

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