Bamboo is No Less than Green Gold of Northeast- Here are Some Interesting & Eco-Friendly Options Made Out of Bamboo

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Bamboo is an abundantly available resource in the northeastern region of India. This environment friendly resource which is referred to as the ‘Green Gold’ has been put to various uses right from making shelters to cooking etc. Over the time, the people from the region have developed innovative and creative ways to make use of this resource.

Read on to know about some interesting and eco-friendly options made out of bamboo in the Northeast which have been widely appreciated by the netizens.

1. Bamboo Lunch Box: A video of a tiffin carrier or ‘Dabba’ made out of bamboo was spreading like wildfire on social media platforms. The tiffin box is the creation of an eco-friendly handicrafts venture from Manipur Zogam Bamboo Works in Churachandpur district of the state. This box is similar to the regular steel one with three storage sections. This product is not only a treat to the eyes but also an excellent replacement for plastic. The idea of such a sustainable option gathered applauses from all people far and wide on social media platforms.

2. Bamboo Water Bottles: Bamboo water bottles from Tripura hit the headlines after Bollywood actor Raveena Tondon shared a tweet flaunting the product. The actor had placed an order for the eco-friendly water bottle and expressed her elation receiving it in her tweet. Reportedly the bottles have been made by the bamboo artisans of the state and are being developed by TRPC in collaboration with BCDI and FRCLE in Tripura. The products are being promoted under PMVDVK and NBM schemes. The mastermind behind this project is Prasada Rao Vaddarapu, an Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer and Chairperson of Tripura Rehabilitation Plantation Corporation (TRPC).

3. Bamboo Sanitizer Dispenser: Hand sanitizer dispensers made from bamboo are extremely useful during the times of Covid. This particular dispenser was made by a man from Arunachal Pradesh. He revealed that it took him 3 days to prepare one as an experiment and then he made the second one in just a few hours. Reportedly, the craftsman came up with this idea to ensure contactless hand sanitization. “The steel dispensers cost more and are unaffordable for everyone. As bamboo is found in abundance here, I created this low cost dispenser out of bamboo”, the craftsman said during an interview.

4. Bamboo Cookies: The Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb recently launched cookies made from bamboo shoots on the occasion of World Bamboo Day. “The bamboo cookies have the capacity to empower rural people. Since the government is focused on providing self-reliant platforms to young people in Tripura, these initiatives will encourage more people to choose innovative ways of doing trade’, said the Chief Minister. The bamboo used in the cookies is known as Muli Bamboo and its shoots are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, digestive fibre and have less fat content.

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